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Once Again The Scribe

Well, I think DC Comics slash fandom has saved me. I have been in fandom for years and have been a prolific writer of both gen and slash (Due South, Wild Wild West, Simon & Simon, etc.) but due to RL issues, lost my interest in writing, a major change since I have been writing since I was old enough to string letters together to form words. After watching 'Superman Returns', I got the bright idea of seeing if any DC slash was out there online, and of course there was. My fave pairings are eclectic in the fandom, but I seem to be caught up in a few particular ones right now. DC slash has inspired me, after more than two years of writing listlessness, to write again! Since I am an inveterate list-maker, I decided to write out what I'm working on in various stages of development: WIP, Finished-but-yet-to-be-revised (FBYTBR), To-Be-Written (TBW), and Completed. I've been very busy writing, reading other people's fic and commenting, and trying to finish a WWW story in time for a holiday offering (strict deadline). So the following are my current ficlist, all slash ranging from explicit to hints:

"One Snowy Night In Boston" (WWW)--Usually I use "The Night Of" in the titles as in the show, but this one just wouldn't work out so I'm using this one. A Christmas tale starring Jim and Artie. (WIP)

"Announcement" (S/B)--Already posted to the BatmanAndSuperman mailing list. It will be on LJ once I get around to reading the directions on LJ cuts! :) Superman and Batman's 'coming out'. (C)

"Light To The Dark" (B/R)--Robin reflects on his relationship with Batman (My Robin is always Dick Grayson unless otherwise specified). (C) (Posted to BatmanAndRobin mailing list)

"Announcement II" (S/B)--The Press Conference. Lois' POV. (FBYTBR)

"Destiny" Series (B/R)--Four different POVs on the Batman/Robin relationship (2 FBYTBR, 2 TBW)

"The Age Of Heroes"--A rather sad little tale that will take me some time to write as the sad ones generally do. Character death. (WIP)

"Epicurean Indulgences" (S/B)--Clark's...appetites. :) (WIP)

Untitled (S/B)--The world watches as the JLA battles aliens. (WIP)

Untitled (S/B)--Definite AU that I just got the idea for this morning. :) Hint: chains are involved! :) (TBW)

My family, old fannish friends, and new fannish friends have given me a reason to celebrate the season and to create once again. Thank you all!
Tags: batman/robin, due south, fanfic, simon & simon, superman/batman, wild wild west, writing
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