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Dances With Happiness!!!



I had a FABULOUS day, which I’ll tell you all about tomorrow! Lots to tell! :)

But first I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who sent me birthday goodies! HUGS to you all! *beams*

I received lovely Birthday Greetings from paxwolf, carolandtom, sasha_anu, tmelange, icarus_chained, greeneyelove, selinamoonfire ladybugkay, and saavikam77.

I received Virtual Gifts from:

morganichele (Do you know how much I LOVE chocolate cupcakes?!) :)

svgurl (A stack of presents! I LOVE getting presents!) :)

jeannev (Party hats always make me happy! They’re so festive!) :)

I received a combination Birthday Greeting and wonderfully sexy pic of my favorite New England Patriot QB by svgurl. Check it out here.

I received fantabulous fic from:

Wishes And Reality (Diana/Dinah) from merfilly

Lost In Gaze (Steve/Diana) from rocaw

How Amazons Say Goodbye (Steve/Diana) from jen_in_japan

Silent Sentinel (Steve/Diana) by starsandsea

Do you see a pattern here? *giggles* But, seriously, folks, I would recommend checking out these stories. They are so beautifully-crafted that you will appreciate them even if you’re not that familiar with the pairings. I'm sharing my birthday with wonderwomanlove today, and the Diana luv is going strong over there! :)

And, last but not least, promises of fic from icarus_chained, greeneyelove, ladybugkay and saavikam77! Yay! :)

Again, a HUGE Thank You! to all my wonderful friends who thought of me today and even earlier! *grins* and made me so happy.

I love giving gifts and receiving them, and I adore each and every greeting, virtual gift, picture, and fic that I received, and even better was the thought behind them.


You all are the BEST!!!
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