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First Day

"Plastique" (Season 8) (Episode 2) (September 25, 2008)

I enjoyed seeing Clark finally at The Daily Planet, and there were some good Clois moments (the phone booth bit was priceless and "Don't get your tights in a twist!"), but overall the main plot was kind of, been there, done that. The meteor-freak- of-the-week is a tad boring.

So this new guy that Chloe is calling to thank is supposed to be…? I read a few spoilers so I know who he’s going to be, and it’s a shame if it’s so because he and Chloe really do have good chemistry together. I feel sorry for Jimmy in this little triangle.

So Mercy, um, Tess, is bringing together a team? Interesting.

Also, I groaned when Clark rescued her and realized that she’s the female stand-in for Lex even in this. I suppose TPTB consider it more socially acceptable? Sorry, folks, the chemistry isn’t on the same level with Clex.

Though it was nice to learn that Lex had told Tess "all about Clark" (I’ll bet!) and that Clark "likes to rescue people". It’s a pity he couldn’t save Lex from his insanity.

And how sad was it when he said that the Lex he knew was gone a long time ago? *sniffles*

Tess saying Clark and Lex were "good friends" also hurt because we know that it's no longer true. :(

I hope they focus more on Clark’s career while he’s fighting meteor freaks and assorted menaces. I really love him finally as a reporter.

Nice clothes, Smallville. Once Lois fixed you up. :) Though I like him in flannel and jeans. Clark’s a farmer at heart. :)

Ollie next week! The origin is going to be so cool! I saw it on the animated series The Batman last year and it was nice to see it in the television medium as I was familiar with it in the comics pages.

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