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Lunch! ;)

Yay! My sister just invited me to lunch a week from tomorrow! *bounces*

Why the big deal? 'Cause it'll be on my birthday! ;)

I love Saturday birthdays, don't you? :)

Anyway, she's looking into getting free passes to a local living history museum. We've heard that it's gone downhill (they let their costumed interpreters go) but are still curious to see if it's anywhere near as much fun as we remember from when we were kids, so not paying the pricey admission and getting it free makes it a good deal. Also, it'll be lots of walking in nice surroundings and fall weather. Win! :)

Leaves are slowly starting to turn here, and in a few weeks we'll be seeing some glorious displays. The roadside stands will have pumpkins, gourds, and squash, all brilliantly-hued and in funny and unusual shapes.

Apples! Plenty of fresh, delicious apples!

While cranberry juice is my favorite, apple juice is a close second. :)

Today is gorgeous. I'm going outside again in a little while and the air was crisp this morning. It was 40 degrees, brisk but not yet needing a jacket as long as you kept moving. It's warmed up but is definitely one of those brilliant autumn days.

Oh, and I have my Halloween story pretty well written and hoping to find time to polish it up. I can't help but think of my favorite holiday on a day like this! :)
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