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End & A Beginning

"Odyssey" (Season 8) (Episode 1) (September 18, 2008)

Okay, Season 8 opener!

Mixed feelings here, folks. I’ve been down this road too many times before. A vitally-important character is written out because the actor leaves, and it’s just not the same anymore.

Smallville was supposed to be about the story of Clark and Lex, not Clark and Chloe. I don’t like the expanded role for Chloe. I’ve loved her as a character, but she’s taking the place of Lex (she’s second in the credits) and frankly, I resent her for it. Not logical, but since when are feelings logical? She’s too much becoming Superwoman, I fear.

This reminds me way too much of other shows that changed drastically in their final seasons and were so far removed from what they were that it was jarring.

Smallville should have stopped after the fourth or fifth season, then changed its name and allowed Clark to begin his career at The Daily Planet and as Superman (The Planet development is one I wholeheartedly endorse). However, the farm should never have been a place that held him back. It should have been, as in the comics, the safe haven for Clark to come home to, not an empty place with only memories. It should be the place he re-charges, not an obstacle to his mission, but a help to it as Wayne Manor is to Bruce or Paradise Island is to Diana.

The absence of so many people in the credits just brought home to me how different this show is now: Lex, Jonathan, Martha, Lana, Lionel, Kara. If they hadn’t brought back Justin Hartley (a move I like), it’d be the Clark-and-Chloe show with Lois and Jimmy as supporting cast. We do get Justin in the credits, but two people I don’t know and frankly, could care less about. And I felt sad watching the credits and remembering the people gone or lost.

I did like seeing Chloe and Jimmy together, even though it probably won’t last, and Lois being kick-ass was fun. Her hair is darker this season and no ponytail. Pity. I liked that perky ponytail. But of course she looks more like the traditional Lois now.

As for Clark, isn’t he supposed to have a college degree in journalism to be hired by a prestigious paper like The Daily Planet? Is Lois’ desk still in the basement? If not, why isn’t he starting in the basement like they did? He should have been shown taking classes now and then toward his degree and interning at The Planet.

Another symptom of Final Season Syndrome is the abrupt introduction of new characters out-of-the-blue. Don’t care! Tess Mercer? Beautiful lady, and her last name makes me think, er, future Mercy, but the use of the mansion without Lex is just…sad.

It does sound like I didn’t like much, but I did! :) I liked the Clark/Ollie interaction, and Ollie’s horror at wounding Clark, but J’onn loses his powers in the sun? Wouldn’t the sun have just fried him up due to Martian vulnerability to fire?

I liked seeing A.C. and Dinah again but it’s lame how they won’t be seen much at all now.

Loved Dinah asking if Ollie and A.C. were done ‘stroking’ each other. Also, mentioning that Clark should wear a form-fitting costume. She’s such a slash fan! ;)

And Lois in a French maid outfit is to die for! Hmm, there’s always a little lesbian subtext with her and the bad girls, isn’t there? ;)

Beefcake Mentions: Clark was wet often in this episode, always a good thing! And A.C. in the shower! Yum! Ollie whenever he struts across the screen. ;)

And boys rolling on the ground is always a bonus!

And did Ollie call Clark ‘Roy’? Aww! Clark’s no redhead, but he’s sure someone Ollie wants to take care of. ;)

And buying him? Ollie, baby! Good taste! ;)

As for Clark’s life passing before his eyes, there was no Chloe or Lois, just the Kents and Lana. And no Lex? Evil he is now, but in the past, there was a genuine friendship there. Or does Clark consider their friendship something to forget now? I’m talking the memory of what was, not their current hostile relationship. You never forget your first love. ;)

So, I mourn the passing of what Smallville was: the story of Clark Kent’s life in that town and his relationship with Lex Luthor. I approve of him finally fulfilling his destiny as mild-mannered reporter for The Daily Planet, but that’s a show that ought to be called Metropolis or The Daily Planet now. I am curious to see if any chemistry develops between Lois and Clark beyond friendship, even though friends is what I prefer, but I’m happy to see Ollie will be around. Who knows, I might even write a Clark/Ollie story this season! ;)

So, I’m along for the ride, sticking with it ‘til the bitter end, the last hurrah! But my critical eye will be out for good or bad. You have been warned! ;)

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