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Why I Love Tom Brady :)

A few thoughts on why I love Tom Brady:

Tom is the best quarterback of his generation, and he’s on my team, so there’s some love right there. :)

Oh, yeah, and he's pretty! ;)

But he’s a hard worker, something he knew he’d have to be as a sixth-round draft pick (199th overall), but he worked his way up to second QB in his second year, ready for the call when New York Jet Mo Lewis severely injured starting QB Drew Bledsoe in the second game of the 2001 season.

He led the team to a miraculous year and its first winning Super Bowl, and has simply gotten better every year since, winning two more Super Bowls, many conference championships and division titles along the way. He set a record of 50 touchdowns in a season last year, and narrowly missed bringing home a fourth Super Bowl ring.

Tom is extremely close to his family. He has three older sisters (who played dress-up with him when he was a toddler) and when Coach Bill Belichick lost his father three years ago, a local TV show that has inside access showed Bill telling his team of his loss after they had beaten New Orleans, and Tom’s face showed his shock and empathy. He is very close to his mother and father, too. Before he started dating Giselle, he was dating Bridget Moynihan, but two of his sisters had come back East to help him as personal assistants for awhile and lived with him for a time. His parents always fly from California to every home game in New England.

He isn’t the typical NFL player off the field. His first-year roommate back when he was a rookie, Dave Nugent, said he liked to ‘primp’ before going out, and a People article mentioned his use of lip gloss. ;) He loves to model and is willing to do just about anything the fashion photographers want to try, and he’s gotten razzed for it by his teammates, who respect him enormously, because every single time he’d been hurt before this, he’d bounced right back up again. He is tough, hanging in the pocket even though he knows he’s going to get creamed. Before this severe injury, he’d suffered a high ankle sprain, a separated shoulder twice, a sports hernia, and ankle and foot injuries.

He was listed for the last four years as ‘Probable’ on the injury report for his shoulder, but wasn’t listed last week. *shakes head* He should be listed on the injury report every week when he comes back! It’s like Bill wearing the red hoodie instead of the beat-up gray one in the Super Bowl last February. You mustn’t change routine! ;)

After the first Super Bowl, the Patriots’ Offensive Coordinator, Charlie Weis, underwent stomach-stapling surgery. Complications ensued, and his wife Maura would have been alone (her family was coming but had a distance to travel) and Tom stayed with her while his friend and mentor fought for his life. Charlie and Maura never forgot it.

When Tom’s friend, Patriots’ safety Rodney Harrison, blew out his knee three years ago, Tom went immediately to see him, crying and kissing Rodney on the forehead, and now he’s suffering the same injury. You can be sure Rodney will be supportive!

Tom’s as tough as nails on the football field, but he’s sensitive and considerate. Sure, he has his faults like we all do, but he doesn’t act like a jerk. He may have dark secrets! He could be homophobic for all I know, but I doubt it. And he may be…shudder!…a Republican! ;) Though he said when he attended the State of the Union address three years ago, it was because he wanted to attend as a citizen accorded the honor, not to politically support George Bush. He may declare himself a conservative, but we really have no clue as to his political leanings. He mentioned a few times that he might like to run for office after his NFL career is over, but that might be changed, too.

He sent his teammates a message saying he knows they’ll be just fine without him, and he’s eager to see the game. He tore his ACL and MCL and will have surgery in six weeks, then about nine months of rehab.

He’ll be back. Tom is a fighter! He loves football; he loves his team, and we love him. :)

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