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Fic: By-The-Sea III: Angel Baby (2/9)

Title: By-The-Sea III: Angel Baby (2/9)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Steve/Diana
Genres: Challenge, Romance
Rating (this chapter): G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: 1961 was a very good year.
Chapter Summary: Diana and Steve enjoy a delicious dinner in town.
Date Of Completion: August 4, 2008
Date Of Posting: September 9, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1267
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: This fic was written when I was having a pretty bad time of things in RL, and it relaxed me to write this at a leisurely pace, simply enjoying this little world I’d constructed for Steve and Diana and just being happy while I wrote it.
A scene in Chapter One: Mr. & Mrs. O’Reilly was inspired by the illustration, With You, by min_taiwan.
This story is for the 2008 DCU Fic/Art Endless Summer Challenge and the 2008 Wonder Woman Love Fic/Art Calendar Challenge (July). Prompt: Ocean.
This series is an umbrella title for various DC couples enjoying time by-the-sea. The entire series can be found here.



“Good food and good company…
a recipe for romance.”

Helen Gurlini Brown
“How To Catch A Man”
1961 C.E.

Steve was very impressed with his Angel.

Both had desired to be incognito this weekend, so he carried a pair of horn-rimmed glasses to wear when his sunglasses were off, and slicked his hair down. Diana had borrowed a blond wig from Dinah Lance, and had styled it as a woman of 1961 would wear it, parted on the side and with waves upswept over her shoulders.

She wore a full-skirted and belted sundress printed with large red cherries, matching lipstick bright on her lips, a wide-brimmed white hat with red trim perched on her head. Short white gloves, a white purse, and open-toed sandals with stiletto heels completed the ensemble, white straps around her ankles. Large, round, red earrings and a short, red-beaded necklace were smart accessories. She wore the cats-eye sunglasses, smiling at her lover.

Steve was dressed in light-blue chinos and shirt with a dark-blue sport jacket, feet in comfortable loafers. He kept his top button unfastened, and put his glasses case in his shirt pocket as he picked up his sunglasses off the dresser.

“You look beautiful, Angel.”

She twirled, her skirt fanning out.

“Just one more thing.” Steve reached into his pants pocket and brought out a small box, pulling the lid open. “Mom wanted you to wear this.”

Diana looked at the large oval red brooch framed in diamonds.

“Steve, it’s…”

“…fake,” he smirked. “Costume jewelry, but perfect for that dress.”

Diana smiled as Steve pinned it to her shoulder strap. “Very thoughtful of your mother.”

“She’s delighted that it’s in style again.”

Diana kissed him. “Let us go.”

“Yes, dear.”

She whacked his shoulder with her purse as he laughed.

& & & & & &

The townsfolk and merchants were dressed in period fashion, and most of the tourists were playing along, too. The local vintage clothing store, Hidden Treasures, was offering rentals as well as sales, with an option to buy at the end of the weekend for renters.

The streets of the small town were not overcrowded but were busy. Steve had to admit that the town had charm. It definitely had Cape Cod ambience, and reminded him of York Beach in Maine, the small shops a kitschy delight.

Diana absorbed everything, every sense alert. Long ago Steve had chalked it up to living on an island for untold years and seeing the same people and places. The Island was probably beautiful, though of course he couldn’t set foot on it, but new experiences were what Diana had needed.

He smiled and offered her his arm. She grinned and took it.

They took their time strolling, making note of shops they would like to visit tomorrow.

At the end of one street was Marinetti’s, a combination Italian/seafood restaurant with a magnificent view of the ocean. The restaurant was busy, but they only had to wait fifteen minutes for a table.

They were very comfortable, pleased at the good fortune in securing a window table. The restaurant was abuzz with conversation, the clink of silverware on china punctuating laughter and chatter. The perky waitress in her red-and-white uniform handed them menus and filled their water glasses, introducing herself as Cissy. The young woman headed to the next table, blond ponytail bouncing as she walked.

Diana opened the menu and began scanning it, then paused. “Ste…Jack?”

“Mmm?” Steve was trying to decide between Italian and seafood. Maybe go with both!

“Have you checked the prices?”

“Why, are they too high…whoa!” He met Diana’s eyes over the menu. “Looks like Retro Weekend includes the prices.” He looked around the restaurant. “No wonder this place is booming!”

“How can they afford to sell such foods as lobster so inexpensively?”

“Maybe the businesses pooled their resources. Let’s hope the other non-restaurant shops in town are following this promo.”

When Cissy returned to take their order, Steve asked, “Are these prices for the whole weekend?”

“Yes, they started at eleven o’clock today when we opened and will end at midnight on Sunday. We just ask that you don’t tip like 1961!” She giggled at her own joke, amusing her customers.

Steve decided to order both cuisines. Diana ordered baked stuffed lobster and linguini, Steve ordering the same. How could they pass up lobster at these prices?

They enjoyed warm, crusty bread dipped in olive oil, Diana especially appreciative of the condiment.

“A subtle blend of flavors.”

“Italy is especially noteworthy for its olive oil.”

“Ah, but so is Greece.”

Steve’s eyes sparkled. “So true.”

Diana kept on her gloves, ostensibly to play the part of a well-dressed early ‘60s lady, but the gloves also concealed her bracelets. There was no question of removing them. Steve remembered when Diana’s Bracelets of Submission had been forcibly removed, and shuddered.

“Are you all right, my darling?”

“Hmm? Oh, fine, dear.”

Diana smiled. “I need you in good health, Jack.”

“Thank you, Rose.”

She covered her smile as she ate her bread.

She had chosen Rose as her name due to her love of the flower, and had inquired why Steve had selected his name.

“Jack’s a good, strong name, popular among pilots. It also honors the President of this era.”

Steve felt very comfortable with the name. He adjusted his horn-rimmed glasses.

Funny how Superman has used glasses for years as his disguise and has been so good at it.

Sure, Clark did more than just wear a pair of glasses. There was posture, clothing, voice timbre…quite a few elements of the disguise. Steve held new appreciation for Clark’s acting skills.

Though he’s not the only one to use glasses as a disguise.

“Why are you smirking, my love?”

“Oh, nothing, darling.”

Diana raised an eyebrow but smiled sweetly.

Cissy brought their salads and Steve observed the other customers. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the game. They were certainly enjoying the prices!


“Yes, dear?”

“Would it be possible to live on a military salary in 1961 without me getting a job?”

“Hmm, probably not, but if we had kids, we’d have to struggle. Most men wouldn’t take too kindly to their wives working with kids at home, but especially military men.”

“Mmm. So, if we decided a second job was necessary, I would have limited choices, correct?”

“Basically teacher, secretary, or nurse. Without education, waitress.”

“Or exotic dancer?”

Steve grinned. “You’d pack ‘em in, sweetheart.”

Diana’s sly look set his pulse racing.

The entrees arrived, Steve and Diana impressed by the presentation of the lobsters.

The taste was even better.

The sun began to set, a magnificent show of orange, yellow, and red streaks across a purpling sky. The ocean deepened to indigo, sunset fire gilding the waves.

After a satisfying meal, Diana and Steve leisurely walked through town, stopping at the bookstore.

Most of the magazines and newspapers were current, but a small section was devoted to special 1961 summer editions of Newsweek, Harper’s, The Atlantic Monthly, Reader’s Digest, Life, and The Saturday Evening Post. Diana leafed through a copy of Silver Screen with Marilyn Monroe on the cover.

“Would you like a current or vintage newspaper, darling?” Steve asked.


Steve paid for the copy of The Boston Globe, adding The Atlantic Monthly and another magazine, then Diana took his arm as they left the shop.

The town was quiet, the day’s energy dissipating to a languid attitude, the crash of the waves punctuating the sound of the occasional motorcycle or vintage hot rod passing by.

They walked the beach hand-in-hand. Both loved the beach, remembering childhoods spent by the water. They smiled, enjoying dusk without speaking a word.

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