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Where No Man...!

So, it's the 42nd anniversary of the first airing of Star Trek on NBC! Wow, it's been a long, strange wonderful journey! :)

Star Trek got me into fandom, and Kirk/Spock got me into slash fandom. I'll always be grateful! :)

Some tidbits: the date. Back in 1966, you didn't have to wait until the end of the month for new shows! They started right after Labor Day.

I've been enjoying a lot of scans over at scans_daily about various comics from the '50s (horror, SF, etc.) and noticed the abundance of text in the stories. Plenty of art, and good art, too, but back then kids were expected to read a lot of text. Now you'd never get that past the editor. People don't want to read; they want pictures! Kind of sad. Nothing wrong with pretty pictures, but the fact that grade-school kids were expected and knew how to read stuff you'd find in high school texts today is pretty sad.
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