bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Happy St. Patrick's Day (A Little Early)!

So I'm sitting here at the computer, browsing LJ in between working on stories and fixing up the stories already on my journal (the upgrade messed up the font size on me but I've got about half fixed so please be patient if you try and read some of the others that are screwy) and I thought, oh, yeah, tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day! As it's part of my heritage I always enjoy the day. Looks like to be a snowy one this year. We're currently getting almost a foot of snow. Should be a nice, cozy night. I'll put double quilts on the bed and maybe watch 'toons in the morning between digging out. :)

I'm having fun reading a lot of great fic and enjoying the feedback I get. My main writing projects right now seem to be the final revision of "Rainbow's Freedom" (Thank Goddess I've been able to get the first two chapters up. Time to throw it out there and quit obsessing! :) ) I might even get back to that Clex fic, and maybe a new Bruce/Dick, and a new drabble. Gotta keep the fingers typing as long as the Muses are inspiring me!

So, a bit o' the luck o' the Irish to ye, whether you're Irish or not! :)
Tags: fanfic
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