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Three Recs: Steve/Diana, TDK Comm & Fic

I practically rec anything Steve/Diana, so I figured why not just do it every time I’m lucky enough to read a story or see some beautiful art about the two of them? :)

The latest Steve/Diana tale is pervyficgirl’s Soldiers And Angels, a wonderful re-telling of the Amazonia Elseworlds. This just gives me the warm fuzzies, especially with the addition to the family! :)

Also, I’ve recently joined nowweretwo, a comm dedicated to Bruce/Jim from the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight films. It features stories and art and other goodies about either slash or the strong friendship between the two.

I can highly recommend a strong friendship story, Five Times Jim Gordon Found out Bruce Wayne is Batman and One Time Everyone Did by sarrens_fic. Spoilers for TDK.
Tags: batman, batman begins, bruce wayne, jim gordon, rec, steve trevor/diana prince, steve trevor/wonder woman, the dark knight
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