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Fic: Foundation (2/6)

Title: Foundation (2/6)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Clark/Lex (eventually), Alexander
Continuity: Smallville
Genres: Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: For "Asylum", "Memoria", "Onyx", "Vessel", "Zod", and concepts from "Fracture"
General Summary: Can Lex fight his possession by Zod?
Chapter Summary: Lex spends some time in the room with the purple doorknob.
Date Of Completion: July 3, 2008
Date Of Posting: August 25, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC and Warner Brothers do, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1290
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: I set this story aside for awhile because I wasn’t quite sure about it, but after re-reading it several weeks later and some revising, it’s ready for Prime Time! ;)
Thanks to jen_in_japan and morganichele for their encouragement! :)
All chapters can be found here. 





Lex felt his blood freeze as his head pounded with a sickening pulse.  Why was he so afraid?


The door opened a crack, and he swore that he could smell evil.


He jumped as his own voice growled, “Forget it, that wimp wouldn’t re-visit his memories, and I have no use for them.”


The door slammed shut, and Lex let out the breath he’d been holding.  He looked down at his companion.


“Good call coming in here.”


Alexander beamed.


Another voice drifted over from a corner of the room: Clark, angry and accusatory.


“Do you think the coast is clear?” Lex asked hastily.


Sympathy shone in Alexander’s eyes. “Let’s check.”


They peeked out and saw no one.  Alexander whispered, “I’m going in my fantasies room.  You go in yours, Lex.”


“Should we split up?”


“Well, I can’t go in your room.  I can’t turn the doorknob.  Besides, they’re gone.  Zod’s too busy with his big plot.  He’s stronger than Bad Lex.  We’ve got time, and you need to relax.” His eyes were very blue as he looked at Lex. “You need to build up your strength.”


Before Lex could ask anything further, Alexander slipped into the gold-handled room.  He decided to check out the other room and rejoin Alexander in a few minutes, uneasy at being separated.


Like the other rooms, this one was dark at first, then a light abruptly shone.


His bedroom.


And in his bed, he saw a very luscious, very naked Clark. 


Heart pounding, his gaze went over every inch of skin, marveling at the beauty he saw sprawled against purple silk sheets.  Sculpted muscles gleamed bronze as emerald eyes sparkled, the enticing mouth curving into a smile…


Lex saw himself appear, clad in a dark lilac silk robe, the robe sliding off as he climbed onto the bed.


& & & & & &


Lex took that mouth, his hands on either side of Clark’s legs as he slipped between them.


“Mmm, you taste of apples.”


Clark laughed. “I’m healthy for you, Lex.”


“You have no idea.”


Clark slipped his arms around Lex and pulled him down on top of him, bodies moving together.


Lex lifted up a little, licking his way down Clark’s throat, Clark pushing his head back as Lex’s tongue laved his jaw.  Clark purred happily as Lex started down his chest, flicking over peaked nipples.


Clark shivered as Lex began sucking on one, Clark writhing beneath his skilled touch.


& & & & & &


Watching this play out, Lex grew hot, recognizing one of his favorite fantasies.  No wonder Alexander wasn’t allowed in here.


“Mmm, Lex, I love you,” Clark gasped.


Watcher Lex bit his lips.  Omigod, he couldn’t stand it.  A mortal man couldn’t be expected to stand all this ethereal beauty.


He reached out a hand as the vision began to fade as if to grab it and hang on.


He looked around, hoping for more visions.


He sat down, sudden exhaustion draining him, and rested his head back against the wall, wondering at his weariness.


The possession must be draining me.


Except that it wasn’t draining his evil side.  The voice on the other side of the storeroom door had been strong and vital, almost as if Evil Lex was fueled by the possession.


Makes sense.  Zod’s evil just pumps up his.


Don’t you mean yours?


Lex shook his head. No, I mean his.


He’s a part of you.


Lex swatted at the air, as if at a bothersome fly.


He’s part of me I can do without.


We all need our dark sides, Lex.  Hell, even Clark does.


Might as well leave Clark out of this.




He’s too good, too perfect, to stumble.


Lex tried to ignore the trace of bitterness in his thoughts.


Oh, he’s a better actor than you give him credit for.




Sure.  You think he’s all sugar ‘n’ spice?  What about the summer he ran away to Metropolis?


I wasn’t here.  I was stuck on that damned island.


He remembered the warm, almost frantic embrace the two of them had shared when he’d come home.  Swallowing, Lex closed his eyes.


From the rumors, I’m sure you can imagine the fun… 


& & & & & &


Lex blinked as discotheque-style lights strobed painfully at the far end of the room, revealing a club that was probably in Metropolis.  Bodies undulated at the harsh sound of techno music, glittering and meshed and eye-lined.


Lex gasped as he saw Clark: tight black leather pants, a glittering mesh shirt showing plenty of skin, and emerald eyes stunningly accented by kohl.


Clark slipped gracefully around the dance floor, hooking up with a pink-haired boy with diamond ear studs and a black leather vest with no shirt.  They danced, hips grinding in simulated pleasure, the boy’s matching pants creaking with every move.


Lex was amazed at how confident Clark was.  Where was the shy farmboy he had known?  This boy…this man…was brashly confident, knowing what he wanted and going for it.


& & & & & &


Maybe I wanted him to come after me that way, once upon a time.


No ‘maybe’ about it.


Lex sighed.  His little voice was getting annoying.


As he watched Clark dance, wry amusement filled his mind, or what was left of it.  He was listening to a little voice, roaming around a dark, gloomy mansion with rooms divided into different parts of his psyche, and talking to a younger version of himself while being possessed by an alien who had merged with his evil half.


And he was complaining about his little voice being annoying!


The pink-haired guy was getting way too bold with Clark.


The hell with it!


He started to stand up so that he could break things up, but the vision faded, leaving Lex exhausted again.


“Are all my fantasies centered around Clark?” he muttered.


He put a hand to his throbbing head.  He had to try and shake this off.  How could he fight off this possession otherwise?


Who says you can?


Who knew his little voice was Lionel?


Or, at least, the voice sure sounded like him.


Nauseous, Lex decided to go to Alexander.  Uneasiness caused him to crawl to the door, pulling himself up by the doorknob.


Damn his imagination, anyway.  Clark had been lost to him for months.  Why was he still fantasizing about him?


Zod must be laughing his ass off.


Lex listened at the door.  When he heard nothing, he cautiously opened it.


It was a quick trip to the next door and he slipped inside, blinking as he saw Warrior Angel and Devilicus walking away from Alexander as the boy waved goodbye.  He turned and his eyes lit up. “Lex!  Are you rested?”


“Not quite,” Lex said wryly.


“Don’t worry; we’re getting help.”


Lex nodded at the place where the heroes had stood.


Alexander giggled. “No, but just as good.” He grabbed Lex’s hand. “Let’s go.”


Lex decided to let Alexander take the lead.  He obviously knew this place far better than he did.


They walked quietly through the dim corridors, Lex holding on tightly to the boy’s hand.  He tried to ignore the jagged cracks in the walls.  He disliked the words ‘cracked’ and ‘his mind’ in the same sentence.


The corridors were lit with a faint green glow, but Lex resolutely pushed that way.  He’d been living with meteor infection since age nine.  He could handle this.


“Stop,” Alexander whispered.


They hid in a small alcove.  In an intersecting corridor, his evil half sauntered by, passing a full-length mirror.


In the mirror a dark-haired man with a beard appeared instead of Lex.


Cold, cruel, and completely confident.


General Zod.

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