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What's Up With BradyGirlfic?

Well, it’s been awhile since my last fannish update, so here goes! :)

I have finished the fourth arc of Rainbow’s Freedom, even though the planned fifth arc may fold back into it. Not sure at this point.

When I finish an arc, I generally take a hiatus for awhile, and I’m doing that this time, too. Since I work on this epic everyday, I feel it gives me a freshness if I take time off from it. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting the third arc! That will continue, as there are many more chapters to go! I just posted Chapter 25 last night, and there are 16 more chapters!

I also want to concentrate on finishing the remainder of my requests for the 2008 DCU Snapshot Fic Request Meme. I have posted 5 of the 10 requests so far, and have finished first drafts of two more. I’ve started the third of the remainder, and have ideas for the last two. So you’ll be seeing those stories soon, I hope! :)

The long Steve/Diana story I’ve been working on is nearly finished. It’s in the By-The-Sea series, and I’m pondering if a scene in the final chapter would do better in an earlier one, and I need to do some research for this story, too. Small details, but I’m a details person! :)

I finally started revising my long Clex fic, Foundation, and am waiting for the "Arctic" episode to be rerun so that I can finally write that finale scene that I thought about last May! I want to get the dialogue down, among other things. I should search and see if there’s a site out there that has Smallville transcripts.

I completed the first draft of the first chapter of a TDK fic I’m working on. Most people loved the ending. Eh, me, not so much. I recognize that it creates great drama, but I’m in the mood for a ‘fix-it’, so we’ll see what happens. :)

I have birthday fic I want to work on, and other Challenge/Contest fic whose deadlines are fast approaching!

I’m pleased to say that I have an idea for the 2008 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge. One week to go before posting time opens! Yippee! ;)

I’m also pondering what I’d like to do for my 2nd LJ Anniversary. I may do the standard "give-me-a-pairing-and-prompt" or may do a claims table, or something else. Plenty of time to ruminate, as I won’t be unveiling anything until late October.

That is all! :)

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