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Philadelphia Eagles 27, New England Patriots 17 (Pre-season) (0-3) (Friday, August 22, 2008)

Philadelphia Eagles 27, New England Patriots 17 (Pre-season) (0-3) (Friday, August 22, 2008)

Well, good thing it’s pre-season!

The Patriots were AWFUL in all three phases of the game: offense, defense, and special teams. We are so screwed without Tom!

Though to be fair, Matt Cassel had a makeshift offensive line that had him running for his life a lot of the night. Same for the next back-up, Matt Guiterrez (rookie QB Kevin O’Connell did not play). Guiterrez engineered a trip into the end zone, but he was playing against the Eagles’ second-and-third-stringers by then. Still, he showed poise and presence, and may be able to beat Cassel out for the prime back-up spot behind Tom. In 2001, Tom leapfrogged veteran Damon Huard in camp and was the one sent in when Mo Lewis brought Drew Bledsoe down in Week 2 against the Jets (that game and particular play is New England legend by now, of course ;) ).

Special teams gave up two (not one, two!) TDs, and the Eagles ran at will over the Pats in the first half, the defense tightening up by the second half. The O-line was dreadful, but starters Matt Light and Stephen Neal are out, and we won’t know when they’ll be coming back, or what’s wrong with them. Foxboro could have given lessons to the Cold War Soviet Union Kremlin as far as being tight-lipped with info. ;)

Same with Tom. We know he has a foot injury but that’s it, and no idea when he’s coming back. With a makeshift O-line, it’s best he doesn’t play, anyway. He can come out sharp and crisp on September 7th, barring his injury keeping him off the field.

Did I say that we’re SCREWED without him? ;)

What bothers me is not the losses. It’s pre-season; who cares? What bothers me is that the Patriots are supposed to be looking pretty sharp by the third game, not regressing! But I believe in Bill Belichick, and if any coach can get a team that lost the Super Bowl back up onto the horse, he can. In this decade, almost every team that lost the Super Bowl the previous year miss the playoffs. We’ll see how it plays out in New England. :)

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