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Fic: The Body Sings (5/5)

Title: The Body Sings (5/5)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Morgaine Le Fey, Enigma, Clark/Bruce, Steve/Diana
Genres: Drama, Romance
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: For Trinity #5 and #6
General Summary: Power and its attractions for mere mortals.
Chapter Summary: Morgaine Le Fey and Enigma ponder Keystones.
Date Of Completion: August 1, 2008
Date Of Posting: August 15, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 993
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: This story originally started as a Steve/Diana tale. Steve’s attraction to Diana’s power was the theme, and then I was reading Trinity #5 and #6 and joining in on LJ discussions about it, and so decided that some of the scenes needed re-writing. Diana just seemed the odd woman out in these issues, so enter Steve. I was able to blend in my original theme and some of Trinity’s. Hope you enjoy the altering of part of the epic tale!
Also, this story stars both couples, Steve/Diana and Clark/Bruce, and each chapter will list who appears.
All chapters can be found here. 





Morgaine Le Fey watched as her fiery cauldron's twisting column of smoke showed the quartet walking to the Hall of Justice.  She held her staff, golden eyes focused on Superman and Batman’s joined hands.


“I was unaware the Dark Knight was so sentimental.”


Enigma laughed. “He’s got his soft side.” He shook his head pityingly. “Happens when you take in a kid that dresses up like a circus act and shines like the sun, then you wind up with a best friend who is the living embodiment of the sun.”


“Hmm, yes.  The Bird whom he raised…I’ve seen the Bat’s Keystone.”




The golden head nodded. “He is the Keystone to the Dark Knight’s sanity.”


“Interesting.” Enigma tapped a finger against his silver staff. “So Robin-now-Nightwing holds the Key to keeping the Bat out of Arkham?”


“Yes.  In the multiverse, he always appears and connects with the Bat.  If the connection is not made or lost, the Bat falls into madness.  Every time.” Morgaine’s staff pointed to a distant star. “Of course, in one ‘verse he is already mad by the time the Bird falls to him.”


“So, who’s Superman’s Keystone?”


“His Earth parents.”


“Really?” Interest piqued, Enigma watched Clark’s smile as he looked at Bruce.


“Without them, he would have been detached from human life.  Raised as a human, he restrains his power and lives among humans, and chose an exceptional human as a mate.”


“So they’re not each other’s Keystones?”


“They are now, but first Keystones always stay with you.”


“What about Wonder Woman?  Is Steve Trevor her Keystone?”


Morgaine waved her hand negligently. “He is but a bedwarmer, pretty to be sure, but a mere dalliance.”


“I dunno.  Any guy who can hold an Amazon’s heart must have something goin’ for him.”


“He is mere sexual pleasure.  No, our Amazon was gifted with serenity by her Goddesses.  Not even her mother, Queen Hippolyta, seems to fit.  I have divined no Keystone for her.” She flipped her emerald hair. “Besides, the mortal does not even approach the level of the Batman as a human.  Not worthy for mate status for an Amazon.”


Morgaine swept back and forth, cape flowing behind her as she held her staff loosely.  She watched as the two couples walked hand-in-hand from the infirmary to the Hall of Justice.  


“The Trinity is strong.” Her staff pointed to the costumed heroes one-by-one. “They are perfectly balanced.  They draw upon one another’s strength.”


“They are formidable as a trio.”


“Their strength will be of little use once we replace each one.”


“We need our third.”


She nodded. “I will prepare my magical means while you ready your scientific ways.”


The sorceress left the chamber, Enigma watching the Trinity take their seats around the table.  Steve took a seat directly behind Wonder Woman.


Enigma tapped his silver staff as he pondered.  Like most powerful creatures, Morgaine discounted ‘mere’ humans.  She had acquired grudging respect for Batman, but totally dismissed Trevor. 


Enigma studied the scene in Morgaine’s scrying ball.  He wondered if her arrogance was overlooking key facts.


Or a Keystone.


Superman and Batman were drawing strength from each other.  That unbalanced the Trinity with Wonder Woman.


She had to have a Keystone.  And why not the pilot?  Superman had chosen a mortal.  Why couldn’t Wonder Woman?


And he’d been right.  Any man who could hold an Amazon’s interest…hell, heart…couldn’t be just a sexual plaything.


Enigma smiled to himself.  Morgaine had been disinterested in the ‘mating rituals’, as she’d called them, but Enigma had studied them.  Sure, he’d been pruriently interested…who wouldn’t be?…but the information he’d gleaned could be useful.


The two couples were different yet similar: mortals/possible immortals; humans/superhumans; fragile/invulnerable…


Enigma switched to differences: all-male/heterosexual couples; Superman and Batman comfortable in American culture while Trevor had to teach Wonder Woman about it; all warriors but Enigma had the feeling tha the Amazon was the best of the bunch.


Superman talked about the recent battle, smoothly seguing to Batman.


They’re a team, even completing each other’s sentences.


They balanced each other perfectly.


So where did that leave Wonder Woman?


She interacted smoothly with them, but had her own sense of balance.  Was it self-contained, as Morgaine said, or was her chosen mate the one to even things out for her?


Morgaine would sneer at the very thought!


Amusement curved Enigma’s lips.  The arrogance of immortal sorceresses!  Fun stuff.


When the couples had paired off for sex, Morgaine hand sniffed and commented on ‘lower species rutting’ and had left.


Enigma had stayed.


Sure, he was a voyeur.  He also appreciated beautiful bodies put to lusty use.  Since he swung both ways, watching Supes and Bats go at it wasn’t disgusting.  Far from it. 


He’d always known both men were ripped, but he was delighted to see the sheer magnificence of both bodies.  Superman was power personified, and the Bat could more than handle it, and had power of his own, enough to attract a Superman.


He’d watched the heterosexual couple with interest, too.  Seeing an Amazon in all her naked glory was a beautiful sight to behold.


He was also curious to see what kind of man had caught and held an Amazon’s attention.


Well, Steve Trevor was no slouch in the looks department, clothed or unclothed.


And how did he handle the superior strength of his female partner?


Looked like he handled it just fine.


Enigma tapped his staff as he watched the JLA meeting.  Morgaine was powerful, but like all powerful people of her ilk, she ignored the less-powerful.


Ignore Batman and Trevor at your peril, Sorceress.


In the magical smoke, Superman and Batman exchanged silent communication while Wonder Woman threw a wink over her shoulder at Steve, who smiled back.


The body sings,

Nerves afire,

The body craves

Love’s desire.


The body seeks

Power thrumming,

The body accepts

Power humming.


Love and power

Mixed together,

Love and power

Entwined forever.



“Song Of The Amazon”

326 B.C.E.



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