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Fic: The Body Sings (4/5)

Title: The Body Sings (4/5)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce
Genres: Drama, Romance
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: For Trinity #5 and #6
General Summary: Power and its attractions for mere mortals.
Chapter Summary: The Trinity holds a discussion of the recent strange events while Steve tends to Diana.
Date Of Completion: July 24, 2008
Date Of Posting: August 12, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 850
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: This story originally started as a Steve/Diana tale. Steve’s attraction to Diana’s power was the theme, and then I was reading Trinity #5 and #6 and joining in on LJ discussions about it, and so decided that some of the scenes needed re-writing. Diana just seemed the odd woman out in these issues, so enter Steve. I was able to blend in my original theme and some of Trinity’s. Hope you enjoy the altering of part of the epic tale!
Also, this story stars both couples, Steve/Diana and Clark/Bruce, and each chapter will list who appears.
All chapters can be found here. 





Diana picked up a clean towel, covering her breasts.  She wore her costume except for the bodice.  Steve picked up the scarlet-and-gold piece and followed the Amazon out of their quarters.


He was fully-dressed, the first two buttons on his shirt undone, his hair wet and unruly.  Now that one of Diana’s physical needs was taken care of, he was more than ready to take care of her other one.


Diana only carried the towel as a nod to social conventions here in Man’s World.  In the privacy of his home, she often practiced her own brand of Island carefree attitudes toward clothes: as little as possible.


Steve smiled.  Customs like those were a great benefit to him, of course, but Diana encouraged his own freedom, too.


She settled onto the infirmary table, holding the towel in front of her breasts.  Steve began tending to the wound, disturbed at the weird shape, certain he’d seen something like this before.  He hoped they could figure it out.


Clark and Bruce appeared, looking very satisfied.  Steve hid his smile, gently cleaning the wound.


“We have to talk,” Diana said to her colleagues.


Steve knew about the strange dreams Diana had been experiencing, waking up abruptly, sometimes shaking.


“This mysterious threat we face…”


Suddenly Steve noticed…


“Hmm?  What on earth…?” His hands touched Diana’s shoulder. “Angel, your wound…the burn on your back changed.  It’s just changed shape.” 


“Changed?  Show me.”


He grabbed a mirror and Diana observed her reflection.


“It was serpentine before, but now…” he said.


“Strange.  I didn’t feel a thing, but it’s a completely different configuration.  It’s some sort of mystic symbol.  They both were.”


Clark frowned. “I didn’t recognize its meaning, but…”


“But it has one.  That’s part of what we need to talk about.” Diana put a hand to her face.  Steve could feel the tension in her shoulders and pressed the bandage onto her skin. “There’s something almost ritual going on, and we need to understand it.”


Steve shivered a little as she spoke of the wolf-thing that attacked her calling them a Trinity, saying they’d break.


Were their dreams linked?


“So, in what ways are we a Trinity?  We’re seen as a detective, a warrior, a savior.  Or as symbols of the sun, the moon, and earth.” She looked at Clark. “You’re powered by the sun…” she looked at Bruce “…Batman’s a creature of the night.  I was formed of mystic clay.”

Steve placed a tape over the gauze.  He gently rubbed her shoulder.


“What else?”


Clark rested his fists on his hips. “I’m an outsider…from another planet entirely.  Bruce is an insider, born to this world’s dominant civilization.” He smiled slightly at Diana. “You’re from here, but apart…part of a separate, once-hidden culture.”


Diana brushed her hair back. “Ah, but you, the outsider, immerse yourself in the human world.  Bruce walls himself off.  Shuts most of the world out.”


Steve quickly looked at Bruce, who appeared a little taken back.


“While I…”


“You walk amongst humanity…and would hold yourself apart from it…” Clark glanced at Steve “…except you have ties.”


Diana’s hand came up and grasped Steve’s, a warmth spreading through him.  She spoke of connections between herself and the other two heroes while putting on her bodice.


Diana walked over to Clark, gently putting a hand on his broad chest.  Steve watched her grace, her power, bodice clinging to her body.  She was his, in the way lovers belonged to each other, because no Amazon could truly belong to any man.  As soon as he had realized and accepted that, it had all become easy.


“Clark, you are a solid, supportive man, kind, and giving of yourself.  Good husband material, as they say in those magazines of Etta’s.”


“Oh?” Bruce asked, suddenly standing close to the Man of Steel.


Diana nodded. “It’s why his bond with you is so strong.”


Bruce’s eyes were hidden by the cowl’s white lenses, but Steve guessed pride was shining there.


Diana pulled his cowl down. “I would once have said that Bruce Wayne is a thrill ride: fast, dangerous, exciting, but not long-term.  You’d have given all your focus to your Mission, and there’s little left for ties beyond that.” Her hands smoothed his cape. “But then a certain Little Bird came into your life, keeping you connected to humanity, and then there was Clark, giving you so much.”


Diana turned and walked to Steve, cupping his face in her hands.  He felt like he was drowning in her blue eyes.


“What you two share, I share with Steve.”


Steve smiled, sliding his hand up to cover hers.


“I think we should return to the Hall.” Bruce’s voice was wry. “The others are working.  We should be, too.”


Diana smiled into her lover’s eyes, taking his hand.  Steve noticed Clark and Bruce holding hands, too.


“That’s Batman for you,” Diana said in low-voiced amusement.


“I heard that!  Let’s go!”


Clark looked over his shoulder with a smile as Diana and Steve grinned.


The World’s Finest let go of each other only as they entered the Hall.















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