bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

The Beauty That Is Christian Bale III

They oughtta pay me; I pimp bale_daily so much! LOL!

But, seriously, folks, I haven't posted even a tiny portion of the goodness over there! I'd really recommend joining this comm if you like gratuitous sexy delish! ;)

To be safe, I'll label this all NSFW. Three separate links:

Plenty of Bruce/Batman pix. Mix of Batman Begins and TDK, and a TDK pic could be considered slightly spoilerish. Two of the Batman Begins pix use lighting for an almost angelic look.

Some Bruce/Batman and other flicks. The middle pix are dark and you can’t see Christian’s face, but you can see skin! ;)

Foot fetish! The poster loves Balefeet, and there are other portions of Bale-anatomy featured as well. ;) One each of Batman Begins and TDK, no spoilers. Happily, smoking a ciggy in bed (after Clark or Dick leave, heh heh?) and some underwear shots are included. And a repeat of the naked derriere shot, but are we complaining? ;)
Tags: batman begins, christian bale, lj, rec, the beauty that is christian bale, the dark knight
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