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Fic: Announcement III: The Day After (4/4)

Title:  Announcement III: The Day After (4/4)
Author: BradyGirl 
Pairings/Characters: Clark/Bruce, Dick
Series Notes: Superman and Batman come out.
Category: Drama (laced with humor, hopefully!)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: The day after the Press Conference.  Atop the Braddock Building.
Date Of Completion: March 13, 2007
Date Of Posting: March 13, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1158





The wind was blowing over the rooftops of Gotham, but were gentle zephyrs to Superman.
Cape blowing out behind him, he made a graceful entrance as he descended to the rooftop
of the Braddock Building.  One of the oldest buildings in Gotham, it was solid and
Victorian and very much like the city itself.


Batman and Robin emerged from the shadows.  It always amazed Clark that Dick could
melt into the shadows at all with his bright costume. 


“Well,” Bruce said as they all came together, “it’s been quite a day.”


“Amen to that,” Clark agreed. “It was…interesting.”


“That’s one word you could use.”


Dick looked at Clark.  After all these years of interacting with these two with their
hidden eyes courtesy of their masks, Clark could tell when he was being scrutinized
with intensity instead of just a casual glance.  He didn’t need X-ray vision to know.


“So, Clark, it must have been pretty wild at the newsgathering center of Metropolis.”


Clark laughed ruefully. “It was. Perry is all hot to cover this news from every
conceivable angle. By the way, how would you feel about an interview, Robin?”


Dick grinned. “Tell me the time and place!”


Clark also didn’t need X-ray vision to know that Bruce was rolling his eyes. “I’ll


“I’ll sic Lois on you.”


“Thank you.”


Clark laughed.  He was feeling better. “Well, I guess we should have expected a deluge.

When we made the announcement yesterday, it was late in the day.  We didn’t have to
return to work or class and our patrols were pretty quiet, no interaction with the
public. So it all came crashing down this morning.”


As the wind whipped Bruce’s cape around, Clark noticed that he was not looking as grim
as might be expected. Encouraged, he continued, “I had some calls and e-mails from our
Justice League colleagues.”


“I did, too.”


“Me, three.” Dick grinned again. “The Titans weighed in.  By the way, Roy thinks you
guys rock!”


Clark beamed. “Ollie said he’d come to Metropolis and kick, um, ass if I had any


“Barry and Hal basically said the same thing, though less graphically,” Bruce said
with a hint of a smile.


“Yes, they called me, too.  Diana, did, too.”


Bruce nodded, indicating he had heard from her, too.


The heroes compared notes as to who had contacted them and what was said, and Clark
felt his happiness grow. They were bound to suffer negative experiences around this
announcement, but there were good people out there who supported them.  Not only their
fellow heroes, but people in general. Let the haters hate. He intended to hold his
head up with pride.


Because he was proud of his relationship with Bruce. He had never felt so happy in his
life, and if that meant taking all the crap that went with coming out, he could handle
that.  They had allies, foremost being the young man who was standing with them on
this windy rooftop.


“You guys rock on campus, too,” Dick said.




“Yeah. In fact, the Gay/Straight Alliance is throwing a party this Friday to celebrate
the news.”


Bruce turned to him. “Would you like to go?”


Dick nodded. “I can join you on patrol. I wouldn’t stay more than a few hours.”


Bruce nodded his approval. Clark was proud of him.  Of course the Mission was
important, but Dick needed a life of his own, too. Partying in college was part of the
package, and Dick would be responsible while having some fun.


“So, I guess we should expect a lot more fuss for awhile,” Clark said.


“Try a long while,” Dick said.  He shifted his feet. “Look, I know you guys didn’t
want to come out at all, and there’s going to be a lot of crap that hits the fan, but
you’re Superman and Batman.  In the end that’s all that matters.”


Clark smiled, and he wasn’t surprised that Bruce was smiling, too.  It was one of
Dick’s greatest gifts, bringing light and hope to despairing darkness.


“You’re right.” Clark made sure that pride came through in his voice.


“Agreed,” said Bruce, and Dick looked like he wanted to do a backflip of joy. “Well, I
suppose we’d better get to patrolling.”


“Right,” Clark said.  His blue eyes twinkled. “However, as long as I’m going to be
pilloried for it, I might as well steal a kiss.” He reached out and drew Bruce to him,
feeling the split second of stiffened muscles as if bracing for an attack, then those
same muscles relaxing as Bruce slid his arms around Clark.


Their kiss was deep and loving, a soothing balm to a nerve-wracking day.  Clark didn’t
want either one of them to forget just why they were being put through the wringer. 
It was all worth it.


When they broke apart, Dick was smiling.  Bruce allowed himself to remain in Clark’s
embrace for a moment more,then gently broke away.  He took out his grapple hook and
said, “Robin…let’s go.”


“I’ll catch up with you in a minute, Batman.”


Bruce looked at him, then at Clark, and nodded.  He flew off the building and onto the
next,disappearing into the shadows.


Dick’s dark hair blew as the wind gusted over the rooftop, his yellow cape fluttering
out behind him like a stray beam of sunlight. He tilted his head. “Bruce is handling
things pretty well, all things considering, but then, he’s used to people throwing the
negative at him. Still, I told him that he could blow off steam with me.  And the same
goes for you.” Dick’s smile was tinged with sadness. “I know that you’re more
accustomed to positive reactions from people. So if you need to give me a call or
anything, I’m here.”


Clark felt his regard and love for the young man standing before him swell.  He smiled
and drew Dick into a hug. Dick was a man who loved to give and receive hugs, and Clark
was happy to gift him with as many as he wanted and needed.


“Should I be jealous?”


Clark looked over at the next rooftop, seeing the dark figure that dwelt in its
shadows. In reply, his smile was incandescent. He knew that Dick had not heard the
low-voiced, teasing question.


No, not jealous, Bruce.  Be proud.


He smoothed Dick’s midnight hair and whispered, “Thank you.”


When they separated, Dick was smiling happily again. “Have a good evening, Superman.”


“Same to you, Robin.”


Clark could have sworn sans X-ray vision that Dick winked at him.  The younger man
took out his grappling hook and fired the line over to the next roof, now empty, and
moved as a bright shadow, gone in the wink of an eye.


Clark watched until he disappeared, then tilted his head up towards the moon, drinking
in the starlight.  Taking a deep breath, he flew up, up, and away toward Metropolis.














Tags: announcement, clark kent/bruce wayne, dick grayson, robin, superman/batman
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