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Ficcish 'To-Do' List

I’ve been watching the Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies and enjoying the show. The Parade of Nations is always colorful.

Huh. The U.S. team got the biggest ovation so far. I thought the world hated us! ;)

The Canadian team is always my ‘other’ team that I root for. :)

Okay, a little ficcish update for the curious. Or maybe you have nothing better to read. ;)

Well, since I’m a crazy person, I did another Fic Request (now closed). I’ve posted two stories already and have an idea for a third and ideas for others simmering.

The Body Sings has two more chapters to post. I seem to be channelling Clark/Bruce and Steve/Diana fics starring both couples lately.

As for Steve/Diana, I’ve got a loooong fic going that will be in the By-The-Sea series. It’s quiet and domestic and I’m having a great time writing it. Did you ever have a fic that you just loved to sit and write and hated to see it end? Well, it’s got quite a way to go, so I’m good. ;)

I might do a fic request for this couple in the future as I know I’ll only get about six requests. ;) I might pencil that in for after the zillion other things that I have to finish.

I should have another chapter of Rainbow’s Freedom posted soon.

I may be wrapping up the fourth arc soon. If the fifth arc is shorter than I expect, it’ll be folded back into the fourth one. The fifth arc is going to be a tough one to write, but I’m ready!

Maybe the Olympics will inspire me for the World’s Finest Summer Games. :)

I’m going to take a look at the 2008 Halloween Challenge tomorrow and see if I can complete the ideas I have for it and post soon.

I've nearly finished the first draft of the Batman Begins essay for superhero_muses and will need to revise it. Very happy to have almost completed it!

Clex, ah, the Clex.

I haven’t touched the longfic that I set aside, but I’m feeling better about it, so maybe I can work it into shape. The other Clexian bunnies are still in the pen, getting fat ‘n’ sassy on carrots, so they should be written soon. ;)

Hmm, I have to think about a special post for wonderwomanlove as the comm’s first anniversary is coming up next month. Yes, it’s been a whole year! I created the comm. on my birthday (September 27th) so it’s very cool that I’ll have a double celebration this year! :) Not to mention that my birthday is on a Saturday, whoo hoo! ;)

I’m sure I’ve forgotten lots of other stuff, but what the hey! I’ve rambled long enough. ;)

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