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Mood Ring Challenge Update! (8/7/08)

Two marvelous Bruce/Dick stories for the DCU Mood Ring challenge by kitsune for the prompt "Impatient". Two for the price of one! :)

The complete Master List is here.

Title: Patient Impatience
Author: kitsune
Fandom: DC: Batman
Pairing: Bruce/Dick
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: rapidly switching POV and my own rather excessively descriptive writing style
Disclaimer: Not mine...
Summary: Things get hot and heavy for Bruce and Dick.

Author Note: This was written for the DCU Mood Ring challenge (pairing: Bruce/Dick prompt: impatient), but I don’t think it’s really suitable. It doesn’t have that NOW feeling I was going for... **sigh**

Title: Tempo
Author: kitsune
Fandom: DCU / Batman
Pairing: Bruce/Dick
Rating: R/NC-17?
Disclaimer: not mine, unfortunately
Warning: weird shifting tenses and sentence fragments
Summary: Hard and fast wins the day

Author’s Note: take 2 at writing the "impatient" prompt I claimed for the 2008 DCU Mood Ring Challenge. I was unhappy with the result of my last attempt, so I tried again. STILL not all that satisfied, but I took two other claims, so I should start writing something else.
Tags: 2008 dcu snapshot fic request, dcu fic request, master list
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