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Fic: The Body Sings (2/5)

Title: The Body Sings (2/5)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Steve/Diana, brief appearance of Clark/Bruce
Genres: Drama, Romance
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: For Trinity #5 and #6
General Summary: Power and its attractions for mere mortals.
Chapter Summary: Diana and Steve sing the song of the Amazon without words.
Date Of Completion: July 15, 2008
Date Of Posting: August 3, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1039
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: This story originally started as a Steve/Diana tale. Steve’s attraction to Diana’s power was the theme, and then I was reading Trinity #5 and #6 and joining in on LJ discussions about it, and so decided that some of the scenes needed re-writing. Diana just seemed the odd woman out in these issues, so enter Steve. I was able to blend in my original theme and some of Trinity’s. Hope you enjoy the altering of part of the epic tale!
Also, this story stars both couples, Steve/Diana and Clark/Bruce, and each chapter will list who appears.
All chapters can be found here. 





Once materialized in the Watchtower, Diana stepped off the platform, Steve’s hand in hers.


“We’d better get you fixed up…” he started to say.


She looked at him, eyes glittering. “I have other needs to be attended to first.”


Steve blushed, aware of Clark and Bruce’s nearby presence.  Clark smiled and winked, Steve answering with a smile, and followed Diana, who said, “Come,” and began walking toward her quarters with him in tow.


Actually, their quarters, now that he was officially an auxiliary member.


Her imperious manner didn’t put him off.  After a battle, Wonder Woman was every inch a Warrior, and her usual gentle persuasion could wait, Steve more than happy to oblige.


As soon as they were in their quarters, Diana slammed the door behind them, grabbing Steve by the zipper on his flight suit and pulling him to her.  Her kiss was hard and passionate, searing right down to his groin.


When they broke apart Diana growled, “Get undressed, my love.”


Energy crackled off her, eyes raking him up and down.  Steve quickly unzipped his flight suit, discarding it and the shirt and pants beneath it.


Diana was peeling off her costume, revealing a bruised but magnificent body.  As Steve discarded his socks and underwear, Diana grasped his wrist and pulled him to the bed, pushing him onto his back.


Her hair cascaded around her tiara, the only piece of her costume she still wore in addition to her bracelets.  Firm breasts brushed against his chest, his hand reaching out and entangling in her hair.


Her lips tasted everywhere, hot and demanding, devouring his mouth.  He stroked her breasts, stomach and hips, her hand pulling his head back and kissing his jaw all the way down his throat and to his chest.  Grasps and groans filled the air, Steve moaning, “Angel…so beautiful…”


“Heart of my heart,” she gasped.  She stroked her hands down his ribs, clutching his hips in a bruising grip. “Open for me now!”


Steve obediently spread his legs, body aching for her, Diana kissing down his stomach and nuzzling his cock, which twitched as her hand stroked his buttocks, fingers teasing between them.




Diana’s lips brushed his cock, sending a jolt through Steve.  She licked up and down his flesh, his hips thrusting up as she placed a hand on his thigh, her other hand still stroking his ass, then a finger slipped inside him.


“Diana…” he groaned.


“My love…I need…”


“Whatever you need…” Steve gasped, fingers gripping the sheets.  He looked down and saw Diana between his legs, pure lust on her face.  Shuddering, he moaned, “Take what you need.”


Diana lifted her head, eyes alight as she feasted on beauty.  She positioned herself over him and lowered herself onto his cock, both lovers gasping with pleasure.


Diana’s eyes glittered as she raked her eyes down her lover, beginning to pump up and down as Steve thrust up.


“Angel,” he growled, his blood singing the song of the Amazon as he gloried in his lover’s beauty.  Images of her strength flashed through his mind, her grace and power as a Warrior exciting him as her heat enclosed him.  He gripped her hips hard, knowing he couldn’t hurt her.


Her head thrust back, long dark hair cascading down her back, breasts proudly jutting out as strong thighs allowed her to pump up and down, penetration deep and pleasurable.


“Oh, Gods, Steve…!”


Steve gasped as he thrust up, nerves afire, gaze delighted by the sheen of sweat on Diana’s exquisite body.  She was wild and wanton, naked except for tiara, earrings, and bracelets as her body quivered with passion.


“Diana, I…!”


He could feel himself ready to come, gasping as orgasm ripped through him, Diana crying out as her own pleasure slammed through her, back arching as her body welcomed Eros.


Panting, Steve caressed her thighs, his own body shaking.  Diana slid off his softening cock, kissing her way up his hips, ribs and chest.


“Angel…” he murmured.


Diana smiled, her hair tickling his chest. “Beloved,” she said, caressing his chest, her eyes shining with love, “You sate this Warrior’s desire most wonderfully.”


Steve laughed, running his fingers through her glorious hair. “I’m pleased to serve, my Princess.”


Slyly, Diana blew over his left nipple, rewarded with a groan.


“Stop,” he pleaded. “I have to tend to you.”


Diana nipped his shoulder, sliding off the bed as she removed her tiara. “I had better shower alone.” Steve propped himself up on an elbow. “You are far too tempting, my darling.”


Steve laughed as she winked and put a robe on, heading for the communal women’s showers.


He rested on his back, trying to cool his body down.  He was worried about this Konvikt creature, but more worried about the wound that the other creature had given his Beloved.


His mind replayed the battle he had seen on the lounge TV, still a little awed by his Angel’s power, no matter how many times he had see it in action, or felt it in bed.


That power could break him in half, but he trusted his Angel.


She would never hurt him.


“Darling, your turn.”


Steve looked up and saw a freshly-scrubbed Amazon smiling at him, clad in her towel and wet hair cascading down her breasts and back.  He groaned.


“Angel, how am I supposed to do anything while you look like that?”


She smirked. “Arise, my magnificent flyboy. Time for strategizing.”


Steve slipped out of bed, grabbing the towel she threw at him. “First, your wound, right after I get cleaned up.”


Diana tilted her head up. “Yes, my Golden One.”


Steve grinned, kissing her quickly and heading for the men’s showers.


The corridor was deserted, and so were the showers.  Steve enjoyed the hot water, soaping his body and trying to keep his thoughts off Diana, otherwise he would never finish!


He finished his shower and shut off the water, drying off with his towel.  He heard another shower running as he tucked the towel around his hips.  Walking past the stall in use, he grinned as he saw the two distinctive silhouettes.


Apparently he and Diana weren’t the only ones in need of post-battle relief.

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