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What Are My Passions?

Well, it’s no secret that I have other passions besides fandom. ;)

Here are some of the things I feel passionate about, in no particular order, except for No. 1:

(1) Family and friends. Most precious indeed!

(2) Sports (especially New England Patriots’ football and Tom Brady) ;)

(3&4) Reading and writing, even apart from fandom. Long before I knew fandom existed, I loved to read (as soon as I knew how I was reading comic books!) and write my own stories.

(5) Jewelry (I love the chunky costume and delicate varieties).

(6) Trees. I’m a tree-hugger, I love them, and plants and flowers, too, but trees are my focus. I cry when a tree has to be cut down. I have a touch of sympathy for Poison Ivy. ;)

(7) Spending time by-the-sea.

(8) Good food, whether on a wharf in the harbor or in a four-star restaurant, or on the bleachers on the practice field behind Gillette Stadium or at home. ;)

(9) Halloween. I love the holiday, the excitement and fun, the costumes, the decorations, the pumpkins and candy corn...everything! ;)

(10) Ancient cultures. I love to study anything about Egypt, Greece and Rome.

(11) History, especially American, but other cultures as well. So many periods of history to choose from! Colonial/Revolutinary era, Victorian/Civil War, all of the 20th century (I can tell you what radio programs were on during the 1940s, what the CCC was in the '30s, the date the Korean War started, the TV shows on during 1961, and the 'feel' of the New Frontier years).

(12) Christian Bale's beauty. Okay, fannish-related, but not completely! ;)

(13) Canada! Part of my heritage is Canadian, and I'm endlessly fascinated by our neighbors to the North (Due South was a passion in fandom for years). Besides, the Mountie dress reds rock! ;)

(14) The Internet! ;)

So, what are some of your passions besides fandom?
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