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Birthday Boy (Training Camp Visit #3) (August 3, 2008)

So, it was off to training camp for another visit! I was very glad I went. It was more crowded than last Monday, but I snagged a seat on the bleachers and had my overpriced First Down Frank, which took 15 freakin’ minutes to get, and enjoyed the action on the field.

I was pleased to see Randy Moss and Wes Welker on the field, and of course, Tom! ;) Tedy Bruschi was also present, and the drills and practices were going along at their usual efficient pace. While the defense did well, the offense looked sharper today. Tom was in his usual form, working with the first team and getting the majority of reps. There were several long passes to Randy, absolute things of beauty.

We serenaded Tom for his 31st birthday. ;)

The weather was warm but not uncomfortably humid. It was a beautiful day, in fact. After 90 minutes dark clouds scudded across the sky, and we felt sprinkles and wind. There was lighting but very far away, which was good because we would have had to evacuate the aluminum bleachers during a storm!

Sprinkles? Eh! As a football fan, I’ve sat in close to 100 degrees with humidity, been drenched in torrential downpours, and sat in cold literally ten degrees below zero as the beer bottles froze up before you could take a sip. Sprinkles are NOTHING! ;)

After the practice, some of the players came over to sign autographs. Tedy was one of the first, and he looks absolutely GORGEOUS! It’s a requirement to be a Patriot, I think. ;)

And then what do my wondering eyes see, but Bill Belichick coming to sign! Before this year he never did that after practice, and I think he’s showing his gratitude to the fans for our support during last year.

And Tom came over! Rock star, rock star! ;) Of course he’s gorgeous, too. ;)

So the day went very well. Unless my sister wants to go, I probably won’t go to camp again, but I’ve had two out of three trips turn out successfully, so I’m happy. :)
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