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Fic: The Body Sings (1/5)

Title: The Body Sings (1/5)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce, Henry Darnell
Genres: Drama, Romance
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: For Trinity #5 and #6
General Summary: Power and its attractions for mere mortals.
Chapter Summary: Steve hurries to Thayer’s Notch to be there for Diana after her battle with Konvikt.
Date Of Completion: July 13, 2008
Date Of Posting: August 2, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1215
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: This story originally started as a Steve/Diana tale. Steve’s attraction to Diana’s power was the theme, and then I was reading Trinity #5 and #6 and joining in on LJ discussions about it, and so decided that some of the scenes needed re-writing. Diana just seemed the odd woman out in these issues, so enter Steve. I was able to blend in my original theme and some of Trinity’s. Hope you enjoy the altering of part of the epic tale!
Also, this story stars both couples, Steve/Diana and Clark/Bruce, and each chapter will list who appears.
All chapters can be found here. 

The body sings,

Nerves afire,

The body craves

Love’s desire.


The body seeks

Power thrumming,

The body accepts

Power humming.


Love and power

Mixed together,

Love and power

Entwined forever.



“Song Of The Amazon”

326 B.C.E.







Steve restrained from tapping his pen on the wooden conference table, the speaker droning on and on.  Gods, this meeting was already two hours old.  Couldn’t anyone from the Pentagon keep it short and to the point?


“Thank you, Colonel Bradenton.  Now, as we’ve reached the end of our agenda, I’d like to thank you for your attention.”


Thank you, General Darnell.


Relieved expressions crossed the faces of several attendees as they quickly gathered up their papers and headed for the exit.  Steve stuffed papers into his briefcase and hastened out the door.  He had a test flight scheduled and didn’t want to delay it.


Otis Air Force Base in Falmouth, Massachusetts, was a small but busy facility here on Cape Cod, upgraded in the days of JFK, whose Summer White House had been in nearby Hyannisport.  Stationed in Boston, it was convenient for Steve to keep his jet here for flights to Washington and other places when necessary.  He couldn’t wait to get to his silver lady.


Steve frowned as he glanced out at the tarmac.  There had been a lot more planes out there when had gone into the meeting.  Surely not all of them would have taken off within a two-hour timeframe?


His footsteps echoed along the tiled floor, another oddity.  Where was everybody?


As he passed by the lounge he heard “…and Superman and Wonder Woman are taking on this otherworldly creature who has already destroyed downtown Thayer’s Notch in the Western part of the state.”


Steve immediately detoured into the lounge, packed with people all watching the TV screen.


A mixture of emotions roiled through Steve: pride and awe at his Beloved’s strength and power that easily matched Superman’s.  They were pounding the purple creature that looked massive, snarling its way across open fields, smoke rising from the battered town behind it.


Wonder Woman and Superman worked smoothly as a team, each taking a turn, then coming at the creature together.


Fear skittered along the edges of Steve’s mind, but he had confidence in his Angel.  He kept his eyes riveted on the screen, unaware of people realizing he was here and watching his reactions as they looked between him and the screen.


“Batman just called you, right?  I saw you react.”


Diana clutched her shoulder where Steve noticed a wound.  He gripped his briefcase a little tighter.


“If he needs you, go ahead.  I’ll hold the line.”


“But he’s not down…” Superman waved at the creature “…we’ve barely started wearing him out, and…”


“Go, Superman…” Steve watched as Amazon muscles tensed “…I CAN HOLD HIM!” as she slammed double-fisted into the creature.


Admiring exclamations went up around the room.


“Wow, she’s got some punch!”


“Amazons are tough as nails.”


“My God!”


Don’t leave, Clark.  Don’t leave her alone.


But Bruce had called him, and Steve understood the call of one’s mate.


And couldn’t an Amazon hold this creature?


Clark asked, “You’re sure…”


Diana scissor-kicked. “I didn’t say…it would be easy.  I said I can…do it.” Steve heard the slight hesitation in her voice.  He saw the strain in her face. “Go!”


Clark hesitated, then said, “All right,” and flew off.


“Steve…” Henry Darnell was at Steve’s shoulder.


“General, please see that my jet is ready.”


“Steve, our best pilots have been shot out of the sky.”


“I won’t get in the JLA’s way.”


Darnell looked at the other man for a moment, the action continuing onscreen, and clapped a hand on his subordinate’s shoulder. “I’ll get right on it.”


Steve’s eyes never left that screen, watching as Wonder Woman kept up her battering of the purple creature.


He knew how long it would take to prepare his plane.  He stayed five minutes more, then turned and left to change into a flight suit.  If he noticed the pitying looks thrown his way as Wonder Woman was smashed against a rock, he didn’t show it.


& & & & & &


Steve flew skillfully from Cape Cod to the Berkshires, keeping as calm as a sea of glass.


Under his façade of calmness, however, his body was thrumming with energy.  Despite his fear whenever Diana was in the thick of things, he was confident of her ability to prevail.


Her power excited him.  She was strength and beauty personified, her zest for battle befitting an Amazon Warrior, her body singing the song of the Amazon.


And once the battle was over, a Warrior needed her mate.


He landed his jet at the airport outside the small town of Thayer's Notch, dismayed at the columns of smoke rising from the ruined town.  He commandeered a jeep and heard Diana scream as he approached a rise overlooking the battle, “You think you can best an Amazon, Konvikt?  Come, then!  Do your worst!”


Steve scrambled out of the jeep and topped a rise as Superman flew in, carrying a strange-looking device as he yelled, “Wonder Woman, break away!  Batman and I worked up something that should take care of…”


He pressed the device and sprayed Konvickt.  “Great.  Now he’s holding his breath.”


Diana lunged forward. “Not a problem.”


The ground shuddered under the impact of an Amazon punch.


Steve smiled.


The battle was over.  He hurried down the hill.


Batman appeared with a furred creature, Steve stopping and listening.  One of his greatest assets to Diana was his ability to pick up information and make observations while she held the center of attention.


Superman began interrogating the creature, who was predictably snotty.


Then it started to say something interesting, “You are the Trinity.  But you are weakened.  Breaking.  Soon, you will fall.  The Trinity will be sundered…and my Mistress and her allies will claim...”


Suddenly the creature screamed, bursting into flames.


Never a dull moment.


Steve started to make his way down the hill again.  The other JLA’ers were helping the townsfolk, assuring the Big Three all was under control.  That’s when Diana smiled and looked over her shoulder at Clark and Bruce and asked, “Who’s going to tell me I need medical attention?”


“I will.”


Her eyes lit up. “Steve!” Immediately she was in his arms, his hand cupping her face, the other running through her hair.


“I would have been here sooner, but apparently no one thought to interrupt my meeting with Pentagon brass while my Princess was in battle!”


“The jets were ineffective, my love.  You could have been hurt.”


“I should have been here, even observing or helping in some other way.”


“You are here now.” Diana’s hand stroked his face.


“You’re injured.”


“You will care for me.”


Steve kissed the top of her head. “Always.”


When Diana signaled the Watchtower, Steve remembered that Clark and Bruce were there.




Clark smiled. “It’s okay.  We understand.” His hand squeezed Bruce’s, and the Dark Knight didn’t pull away.


Steve smiled.  When he was with his Angel, sometimes the rest of the world fell away.


Diana’s eyes sparkled at him, and her body brushed against his, thrumming with energy.


Song of the Amazon.


They were transported up to the Watchtower.  


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