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Update On Me And Fannishness

Well, except for the four postings last night, I’ve been pretty quiet this week. ;) I have been neglecting my fannish writing!

I started out with going to Patriots’ training camp for two straight days, and that took a big chunk of time out of my writing. While I drive, most of it highway, one part of my mind is watching what I’m doing, the other part what the other guy is doing, and the third part composing stories in my head. But nothing written down! ;)

Once at camp I’m completely attuned to what’s going on, and by the time I get home I’m either too tired to get on-line or just want to read, not write.

Wednesday I went out all day with my sister. We had a great time! We shopped, we talked, we had a really good lunch. She had baked haddock, Spanish rice, and baby carrots while I had a smoked turkey-and-bacon sandwich with mustard and mayo and a side of fries. We both indulged in onion rings for the appetizer, but most of the food went home as the portions were huge. Good thing we practice portion control! She topped hers off with Diet Pepsi and I enjoyed sugar-free lemonade. Mmm, the tartness was just right!

Fannishly? I’ve been writing, revising, and posting chapters of Rainbow’s Freedom, and just finished the Trinity-based story I’ve mentioned. I may be able to start posting that soon. It’s five chapters.

I read Trinity #9 and S/B #50 today, and was very pleased with both.

I also started a completely sappy Steve/Diana romance for two Challenges, and what started as a one-chapter story is definitely going to be more! It’s making me very happy to write this one. It’s kind of peaceful and calm but with a difference that isn’t run-of-the-mill (I hope). ;)

The Clex story I set aside is still set aside, but I may begin revising it in between these other projects.

I still have lots of other stuff in the ‘to-do’ list, but right now that’s pretty much at the top. I have been going back-and-forth between romantic Amazon/Pilot love and equally sappy Clark/Bruce love. ;)

I am not worried about my Bruce/Dick Muses. While they are quiet now, they will return. I just go with the flow of what’s hot. I love those two boys together too much to never get another plot bunny about them.

The biggest sports news around here has been Manny’s departure from the Red Sox. So begins the post-Manny era!

Next week is the first Patriots’ pre-season game! I’m spending more time reading football boards and getting back into the swing of things, as my other passion is ignited once again!

So, if I’m behind on commenting or replying or anything else, I’ll catch up eventually! I’ve just been more off than on-line this week.
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