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Success! (Training Camp Visit #2, Monday, July 28, 2008))

I decided to try my luck at training camp again, and it was a great success! It was a glorious summer day though too hot, but not as bad as some camps I’ve attended.

When I arrived, the gates to the fields hadn’t been opened yet, but it was only a fifteen-minute wait and a quick movement of the line. I bought a First Down Frank and had my water bottle with me. I love the organization, but like every sports concern, they overcharge for food and drink. I wasn’t paying 4 bucks for a warm water bottle. I could bring my own warm water! ;) Good thing I wasn't drinking beer. That’s $7.50 a pop.

I got a good seat on the bleachers and ate my hot dog while watching pre-practice warm-ups. I saw three quarterbacks but no Tom! I was resigned to the fact that he had the day off when I saw him about ten minutes later. My day was complete! ;)

I kept my eye on Tom most of the camp, but was watching the other drills, too. Training camp is just glorified practice, of course, but we enjoy watching our boys at work. I got into some conversations with fans around me and it was like the old days in the old stadium. ;)

I saw good work with the goal-line offense and blocking drills for the running backs, and Lamont Jordan, a new pick-up from Oakland, showed some solid flash. Sammy Morris is back from a chest injury and looks sharp. Richard Seymour was anchoring the defensive line and was a presence, as usual.

The special teams were fun to watch as the kick-off and field goal drills were performed.

The goal-line offense is always intriguing, and Tom looked sharp though there were some defensive coverages to mess up offensive packages.

Hardy fans all! We stood in rain and wind yesterday and baked in the sun today waiting for the gates to open, but today was much better, of course. I drank lots of water and got a mild sunburn, but nothing compared to some people walking around like lobsters! There’s a lot of Irish-descended people in this part of the country, and there was a lot of red skin and fair hair bleached by the sun! I’m part Irish, too, so have to be extra careful in the sun! :)

I was very happy with the way camp went and probably won’t go again until ‘til next week. If I lived in Foxboro I’d go practically every day, but gas prices are just killing me.

So, happy to say all went very well today and I’m glad I tried again. :)
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