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Fic: Announcement III: The Day After (2/4)

Title:  Announcement III: The Day After (2/4)
Author: BradyGirl 
Pairings/Characters: Clark/Bruce, Dick, Alfred, Diana
Series Notes: Superman and Batman come out.
Category: Drama (laced with humor, hopefully!)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: The day after the Press Conference.  Wayne Enterprises.
Date Of Completion: March 9, 2007
Date Of Posting: March 11, 2007
Word Count: 979
Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Bruce looked at the morning newspaper with a stoic eye.  Dick studiously kept his eyes
on his cereal bowl, and Alfred stayed in the kitchen.


Bruce slowly lowered the Gotham Gazette with the screaming headline, Gotham’s Guardian
And Metropolis Marvel Together!
  He glared at Dick. “What?”


“I didn’t say anything,” Dick said as he scooped up a spoonful of Wheat Chex.


“You’re thinking something smartass in tone.”


“Language,” chided Alfred as he came in with fresh muffins.


Dick looked up, his eyes dancing. “Honestly, Bruce, I’m innocent.”


Bruce snorted, then shoved the paper aside as he ate his own cereal. Dick turned the
box around to the back and read the latest installment of the Adventures of Superman! 
They were going completely retro.  He could get a Super-decoder ring if he sent in box
tops!  Smiling, he took a cranberry muffin off the plate, broke it in half, and
buttered it.


Bruce sighed. “I can drop you off at college on my way into town.”


“So I’ll have to thumb my way home?”


Bruce smirked. “No, but Alfred can pick you up today.”




They finished their breakfast in the sunny nook in comfortable silence, then left for
the city.


& & & & & &


Bruce seemed to be sighing a lot.  He had walked into the Wayne Building, home of
Wayne Enterprises, and saw at least four newspapers in their boxes on the sidewalk,
all with the same shouting headlines.  He saw
The Daily Planet and wondered how Clark
was doing. 


Everywhere he went, people were reading papers or buzzing about the news.


Well, the newspaper business ought to get a bump from this, he thought sourly.  Damn
Lex, anyway! 
If Lex hadn’t blackmailed them, their private lives could have remained
just that: private.  Beating Lex to the punch by announcing their relationship hadn’t
thrilled Bruce in the least. 


He went up in the elevator with three people avidly reading the Gazette.


Upstairs, he nodded to his secretary, then went into the sanctuary of his office. 
Closing the door behind him, he booted up the computer.  He needed to review his notes
for the meeting this morning.


While reading his notes in Word, he connected to the Internet.  Of course! had
the same headlines as the papers.  And a link asking, ‘What do you think of Superman
and Batman coming out?’ Despite his better judgment, he clicked on it.


Just what he expected, divided between supporters and detractors.  He winced at one
particularly harsh message. 


Why people are so fascinated with other people’s love lives…!


& & & & & &


‘Well, I think it’s a disgrace that these two are prancing around in their spandex and
sequins. They should be ashamed!’


‘I think it’s utterly AWESOME that Supes ‘n’ Bats are gay boyz!!!’


‘I cant believe it!  theyre FAGGOTS?’


‘I can’t say I’m thrilled with this, but they are heroes so I guess I’m ok with it.’


‘F***ck those fags!’


‘I can’t believe this! Don’t they know homosexuality is a SIN?’


& & & & & &


Bruce clicked off the message board.  Really, they didn’t wear sequins.


He started reading his notes again.  When the phone rang, he picked it up.  His
private line.




“Hello, Bruce.” Diana’s warm voice. “How are you?”




She chuckled. “I’m sure.  I just wanted to call and let you know I’m here if you or
Clark need to talk.” Amusement floated over the line. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep our
fellow capes in line.”


Bruce had to chuckle at that. “Thanks, Diana.”


“Anytime, Bruce.”


As he hung up the phone, he reflected on how Diana had known for a long time without
really saying so directly,
and he suspected a few other Leaguers had known as well.


Of course, that was all moot now.


& & & & & &


The conference room was abuzz when Bruce arrived.  They all quieted down when he entered
the room, and he sat at the head of the oval table.


“All right, ladies and gentlemen, we need to go over the plans for the City
Beautification Project…”


“Mr. Wayne?”


“Yes, Kelly?”


The blond shifted uncomfortably. “Sir, Gotham is going to be hosting the Horticultural
Show next week.”




“Well, um, uh, I’ve had a few cancellations…”


“Well, sometimes people can’t make the date after all…”


“Sir, the organizations cancelled because…they said they didn’t want to be part of a
city that glorified…” she coughed, “…sodomy.”


The room was deadly quiet.  Finally Bruce spoke. “Well, Kelly, they certainly have
that right.  As for the city, I hardly think it’s glorifying any sexual practices. I’d
say Gotham is Gotham, and we’ll survive this firestorm like all the others.”


Murmurs of approval swept around the room though Bruce noticed some frowns.


“Sir.” A hand went up.


“Yes, Hardin?”


The middle-aged man adjusted his spectacles. “The Mayor would like to speak to you. 
As Gotham’s leading citizen, I think he thinks you should address this issue.”


“I just did.”


Hardin shook his head. “Sir, do you realize what kind of controversy is raging across
the country?  Why, the Gay Action League is planning to stage a rally here in Gotham
and in Metropolis!”


“That’s fine, Hardin.  As long as they get a permit…”


“Sir,” Hardin interrupted. “It was bad enough when Batman and Robin were running around
as vigilantes, but now Batman is a homosexual!  How can Gotham hold up her head?  This
city will be a laughingstock!”


“I told you, Gotham will survive.  She always does.”


I just wonder if I will!


After the strained meeting Bruce returned to his office.  The phone rang and he picked
it up.  His private line again.




“Bruce?  Can we meet tonight?”


Bruce rubbed the space between his eyes. “Yes, how about the Braddock Building?”


“I’ll see you there.”


Bruce hung up the phone.

















Tags: alfred pennyworth, announcement, clark kent/bruce wayne, diana prince, dick grayson, robin, superman/batman
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