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BradyGirl Update For Me & Fic ;)

Yay, time for another ficcish update from me! ;)

BTW, I have a voice again. I was a little sick last night and didn't get much sleep (combo of heat and food that disagreed with me) but am taking it easy today. And I’m going to see The Dark Knight with my sister this Tuesday! So only two more days to avoid spoilers, LOL.

As for fic, I’ve found that Rainbow’s Freedom’s fourth arc may have to be broken up into two. It’s getting loooong, folks, and the last part of the arc may not fit with the rest. I’ll see after I’ve written a little more. Up to Chapter 32 in the fourth arc, and have uploaded 19 of 41 chapters for the third.

Also, I passed Page 600 quite awhile ago in my notebook for this epic, and am up to Page 629 right now. I’ll easily hit 1,000 before I’m through!

I wrapped up Heart’s Desire, the Clark/Bruce fairytale birthday fic for starsandsea. :)

The Clex bunnies are still there. One bunny is written, but I’m dissatisfied with it so I’ve set it aside for the time being to get a fresh perspective. I definitely have a bunny for the Season 7 finale, and another hippity-hop for a new entry into the Champagne And Apple Cider series. The fourth bunny is just evol! ;)

The sequel to the Clark/Bruce fic, Perfect Day, was finished last night and requires revisions, but I think you’ll like it. :)

I’ve completed three of the planned five chapters for the Trinity re-telling. The two most recent chapters? Whew! Hot! ;)

I have a Steve/Diana bunny for the 2008 DCU Fic/Art Endless Summer Challenge. Now I just have to write it! LOL!

Steve/Tony bunnies? I have one that I've wanted to write for quite awhile but it's pretty dark. I have to be in the mood! :)

I've begun the Batman Begins essay and it's close to half-finished.

I am letting my idea for a femslash request fic simmer for awhile. :)

I also have a faint Bruce/Dick glimmer, but it’s so faint you have to squint, so please don’t expect anything soon! Just wanted to let fellow Bruce/Dick fans that I haven’t forgotten these boys! ;)

I just completed a Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce fic that may be posted today.

Still only a glimmer for the WFSG! *sighs*

OTOH, I’ve got some new ideas for the 2008 Halloween Challenge, which will be posted next month. Posting dates for entries will be September 1st-October 31st, so I’ll probably unveil it in mid-August to give people time to create! :) It’s going to be BIG! ;) Tons of prompts, a few scenarios, some ‘verses I haven’t thought of including get those cauldrons bubbling! ;)

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