bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Calendar Girls Meme!

You have a new, sexy calendar to fill and the theme is 'Women Of The DCU All Year 'Round'. To spice things up, instead of one woman per month, what twosome would you ask to pose? Yes, you can have a threesome or foursome if you can get them all together! ;) Any theme in particular you might like to use? Snow bunnies in January, or volleyball players in July? Description of the costumes or poses?

We're all busy people, so don't feel that you must fill in all twelve months! If any month or months strikes you, let's have your ideas! The BradyGirl Modeling Agency needs you! ;)

The above icon is in no way meant to influence your choices. ;)
Tags: calendar, dc comics, femslash, meme
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