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Fannish (And Other) Ramblings

Restless on a Saturday night. How's that for a title? ;)

Clex bunnies are really hopping. I wrote a 26-page story in my notebook but am not satisfied with it. If it sees the light of day it'll be after extensive re-write. However, it was a good, long Clex, so I'm happy. :)

Three other Clex bunnies are nibbling!

My Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce-altered re-telling of DC's Trinity series is coming along nicely.

I have contests and challenges to mull over, both as host and participant, but it's fun! :)

I'm leaning toward using the guidelines from last year's Halloween Challenge and adding more prompts and perhaps altering things a little. I want it BIGGER AND BETTER!!! :)

Anyone writing/drawing sappy beach fic/art set during the day or in moonlight? ;)

I love all genres, but I seem to be in a romantic mood tonight. :)

I'm really craving an Edy's frozen lemon fruit bar right now.

Anyone got any Wee!Dick ideas?

As for older Dick, he's so sexy he should be declared illegal! Or forbidden fruit. Or stop making every move a carnal invitation. ;)

Did I mention that I really, really love Halloween? ;)

The New England Patriots' training camp opens in two weeks!

Does anyone else like their icewater with a fresh lemon or lime slice?

I love jewelry: costume, real, clunky, delicate, and everything else. :)

I bet Amazons think that Americans are really effed up about sexual matters.

Do you think that the JLA Watchtower has at least one couple making out at any given time in the private quarters? ;)

Was there life before fandom?

Or LJ?

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