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They Killed Off Cap!! Arrgghh!!

Okay, I am *so* tired of DC and Marvel screwing up the characters of comicdom! For cryin' out...first DC thinks it's a great idea to kill off Superman. Sure, it made the mainstream media and briefly boosted sales, but they brought him back, so it was all kinda cheesy in a way. Same for Captain America, who apparently is going to be killed by an assassin with the latest issue. Here's the URL if you'd like to read all about it, as the newsboys used to say hawking their papers on the street corner:

I know death never lasts forever in the comics world, but it just irritates me NO END that they do stuff like this. Hey, we can do it in fanfic, but this is the *canon mainstream* we're talking about! It just smacks of a cheap trick to me. Bleah.

Oh, yeah. And DC considered KILLING OFF DICK GRAYSON recently! Is there no end to their evil?

I must be the kiss of death. Dick is one of my favorites in DC, and Cap is my fave character in all of Marvel, so he goes! :)

Well, I shouldn't be surprised. They retconned Bucky to be some surly assassin *while* he was Bucky, doing all the dirty work while Cap got the glory during World War II. They also took an event that was always heartrending, Bucky's death in the final days of the war, which haunted Cap for years after he was revived by the Avengers in the early '60s, and screwed that up. Apparently Bucky was kept in suspended animation and only let out to do assassinations for the Soviets as the Winter Soldier. Bleah, bleah, and *triple* bleah! Must be a sign of the times. Take a good, strong friendship between Steve and Bucky and retcon it into some twisted relationship and oh, by the way, make Bucky out to be some cold-blooded killer, why dontcha? Am I the only one getting a headache? *rolls eyes*

So there you have it! Marvel, you suck.
Tags: bucky, bucky barnes, captain america, dick grayson, steve rogers
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