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DCU/Marvel Fic/Art Co-op Meme (Share The Wealth!)

You know how you sit around a table in a meeting and throw around ideas and sometimes you get that creative flow going? Or you have a plot bunny that you like but you know you'll never get to, but maybe someone else can pick it up?

As a little added spice, don't forget the good ol' AU! Can be slightly different from the worlds we already know in the DCU and Marvel or completely different. You can specify characters but if the idea can fit others, let someone else fit that idea to characters that speak to them! I'm going for free-flowing here. If you put the idea here, it's to be shared, like a co-op. :) So if you discuss a comicsverse idea, someone can take it but change it to 'toonverse or movieverse, or make it Smallville.

I decided to add Marvel because I know that some of my flist are Marvelites as well as DCU devotees. ;) And crossovers are cool, too!

So, any ideas that come to mind? This is kind of a 'shared' thing: maybe you'll write what you put down here, but someone else can use it, too. Isn't it interesting to see how different people take an idea and have different interpretations?

Anyway, this is just a catch-all and if you write something really detailed, people can take parts of it and run with it instead of the whole thing if that's easier for them, or maybe you just want to write a sentence or two in your description. And, really, maybe none of these ideas will ever get written, but an idea here could spark something in the future. And discussion is welcome!

No time limit, no claims, just throw it all into the same pot and let's see what we get!

Visual artists (illustrators, icon-and-manip-makers), if something strikes your fancy, or if you'd just like to write out an idea you had, please add your artistic sensibilities! :)

If you're inspired by anything here, please note that and link back to this post. Maybe we can keep this going for awhile, who knows?

Can you tell I'm in a very Haight-Ashbury kind of mood here? ;)

Tags: dcu/marvel fic/art co-op, fanart, fanfic, icons, manips, meme, writing
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