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Heat-Induced Ramblings

Man, is it HOT! The heat and humidity are real bummers. I'm going upstairs in a little while and guzzling a big ol' glass of water! ;)

Argh! The Clex bunnies are attacking! ;)

I finished cutting the grass, a longer task than usual because I didn't want to stroke! I had to go slower, rested more frequently, and drank lots of water. Pushing a non-powered mower is great for saving gas and exercising, but is more exertion!

I have a day at the beach on the brain, LOL!

The flist has been keeping me busy. People seem to be on a creative roll (I'll have mine with pickles and mustard, please). ;)

Still thinking about the new Halloween Challenge!

I have no evil bunnies on the horizon. *shifty eyes*

Gotta go! Keep writing and drawing, everybody! :)
Tags: fanfic, flist, rl, writing
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