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Fic: Who Do You Think You Are? (2/5)

Title: Who Do You Think You Are? (2/5)
Author: BradyGirl
Characters (this chapter): Dick, Clark/Bruce
Genre: Drama
Rating: (this chapter): G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: For Superman/Batman Annual #2
General Summary: The mysterious Socrates will test the mettle of the World’s Finest while Dick observes the possibility of a Clark/Bruce romance. This story takes place during the events of the Superman/Batman Annual #2 and begins after Clark has lost his powers during the first confrontation with Socrates. He has come to Bruce to ask for help in being trained as a human crimefighter.
Chapter Summary: Movie night at the Manor.
Date Of Completion: May 17, 2008
Dates Of Posting: June 2, 2008/July 8, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 817
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for the S/B Big Ass Contest over on wfslash hosted by tmelange . The story won for Best Use Of Dick (LOL!), Best Use Of Source Material, and Best Overall Story!
All chapters can be found here.
Also, check out the fantastic story illo by labuenaventura ! :) 






Sometimes we get a chance to watch TV before patrol, but on Friday nights, it’s movie night.  Well, if nothing else gets in the way.


Clark and I settled on the couch.  I’d put the movie in, Spider-Man II.  Bruce was in the kitchen, nuking the popcorn.  Alfred was going to spend time on the computer in the study.


Bruce can’t cook.  He’s genetically incapable.  Yet he can microwave popcorn perfectly:  no burnt kernels or barely unpopped ones.


I set the Coke bottle into the ice bucket on the small stand by the couch that Alfred had brought out.  Our glasses were on coasters (God forbid we not use them) and filled with icy-cold soda.


“Very Norman Rockwell,” Clark winked.


I grinned. “You eat a lot of hot dogs and hamburgers and apple pie on the farm?”


“Actually, we do.  Ma makes the best apple pie and Pa’s great with the grill.”


Clark was wearing his glasses.  He didn’t during work-outs, but had put them on for our academic session.  Maybe he liked to keep in the habit like Bruce put on the Prince of Gotham crown out in public.


Though to be honest, he sometimes played the Prince in private, too, when Alfred and I let him get away with it. 


Clark leaned back against the couch.




“A little,” he admitted. “I’m used to regeneration from the sun.”


“So you never get tired?”


“Oh, I did.  Usually mental tiredness, though if I don’t get enough sunlight, I can get a little rundown.  That usually signals a trip up to the atmosphere for a good sunbathing.”


I guess if you hang out with Superman, matter-of-fact statements like that are just par-for-the-course.


“The mental tiredness means I usually try to sleep at least a few hours a night.” Clark took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. “Good thing I’m in the habit of sleeping since I need to now.”


“Yeah, big day tomorrow.”


“You mean training from the taskmaster?”


I laughed. “He’ll make sure you get all the training you need to survive out there, Clark.”


“I’m sure.” Clark put his glasses back on. “I really admire you two out there without powers.”


“Really?” I sat up a little straighter. “You admire me?”


“Oh, yes.” Clark handed me the remote. “You and Bruce going out and risking your lives every night without powers?  What’s not to admire?”


I couldn’t stop smiling.


The smell of freshly-popped popcorn preceded Bruce into the living room.  He carried two large bowls, handed one to me and the other one to Clark, and sat on Clark’s other side.


“So you saw Spider-Man I?” I asked Clark.


He nodded, munching on popcorn. “Yes, but never got a chance to see this one.  Mmm, this is really good popcorn.”


Bruce smirked. “Of course.”


Clark rolled his eyes and I hid my smile.  Bruce the Great Chef probably thought he deserved a cooking show on PBS.


It was fun critiquing the movie, especially the battle scenes, Clark criticizing the flying and Bruce the climbing scenes.  I thought the movie was good but threw in my two cents’ worth.


Sometimes you gotta wonder at life.  I had a great life in the circus, and miss my parents every single day.  If I could have them back again, I’d do it in a second, but that’s not happening.


Now I have Bruce and Alfred and I’m Robin, and I ‘m doing good work.  Alfred says I’m good for Bruce, too.


I know I can help him stay out of the darkness he falls into sometimes.


And now I know Superman!


I could never have believed this, really.  Not in a million years!






Bruce’s voice was extremely patient. “Do you want more popcorn?”


I looked down at my empty bowl. “Sure!”


Clark laughed and Bruce smirked. He got up and took the bowls back to the kitchen.


“You’ve seen the sum total of Bruce’s culinary talents.  That and making a PB&J sandwich.”


Clark laughed again. “Good thing he has Alfred.”


“Oh, yeah.” I took a swallow of Coke. “He’d be lost without Alfred.”


“You, too?”


“Yeah.” I grinned. “But I could feed myself and do my own laundry.”


“Aah.” I got an answering smile. “Me, too.”


We could smell the popcorn again, and I relaxed back into the cushions.


& & & & & &


It was time for patrol.  Clark looked guilty. “I wish I could go with you.”


“You will,” I assured him. “You’d better get some rest.  Tomorrow will be a rough day with the taskmaster cracking the whip.”


Clark looked a little nervous when Bruce didn’t object and smiled with a glint in his eye instead.


Down in the Cave I asked Bruce, “Did you have a good time?”


He ruffled my hair. “Always.”


Good enough.



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