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Well, it seems as if multi-tasking is the name of the game for me today! I've been reading PatriotsPlanet, our upcoming opponent's message board in Miami, reading the daily comics, and writing a Christmas-themed story for Sin & Salvation listserv and transcribing my handwritten notes for "Epicurean Indulgences" for my Superman/Batman story. I am reading all my YahooGroups, messaging back and forth with my sister, and updating this journal. :) Luckily all my holiday tasks are done and I can indulge my mania for the Internet.

Today is also Pearl Harbor Day. I believe there are generational imprints that are seared in our history: this day from 1941, November 22, 1963, and September 11, 2001. There are many others, I'm sure, but these came to mind today.
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