bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Halloween In July?

Oh, man, I'm having fun! I'm looking over last year's Halloween Challenge and letting ideas run around in my head for this year's. I might end up just repeating the guidelines from last year, or it could be completely different! Anyway, I got in the mood because in my 'other identity', I'm a member of halloween_fan, and we've been discussing how we're always ready for autumn! ;)

I was so happy to get such a big response to last year's Challenge! Everyone loves Halloween, seems like. :)

I want to unveil something big and exciting and most of all, fun! ;)

I'm also getting a little scared thinking about my LJ anniversary in November and how I might be entertaining masochistic tendencies by not setting a limit on requests (or at least waiting until I hit a number high up there before I close it). ;) I will probably do a repeat of the Mood Ring Fic Request Meme, using moods again or maybe some other hook, but that'll be after Halloween, so I can rest easy for now! ;)

So, if you get any Halloween-related plot bunnies, make sure to write down notes and be ready once summer's heat is over to enter a new Halloween Challenge when autumn arrives!
Tags: challenge, halloween, lj
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