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Anniversary--The Korean War

I have been observing RL anniversaries on my LJ lately, and wanted to observe this one: today is the anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. Fifty-eight years ago, the North Koreans attached the South, and the U.N. responded for the first time in a war situation by sending troops, the majority of which were American but many other nations took part as well.

This is truly a Forgotten War: how many times have you heard people talk about World War II, then skip to Vietnam? Korea was the first 'police action' (all veterans say it with a twist of the mouth) of the Cold War era, and horrific numbers of casualties and deaths piled up in three years that nearly matched the totals of the longer Asian land war to come.

My father was on the front lines in that war, and he suffered nightmares the rest of his life about it. He personally witnessed an atrocity against a dear friend and it haunted him, and there were many other things he never fully spoke about. He reached the status of youngest First Sergeant in Korea eventually, was proud of his service, but was always wary of those who were so eager to rush into war while staying behind themselves.

So, please, take a moment or two today to remember that war, the sacrifices made, and the veterans either ignored and/or still suffering from that war so many years ago.

Thank you!
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