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Fic: Vermont Holiday (1/2)

Title: Vermont Holiday (1/2)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Dick/Roy, Emma
Genres: Fluff, Romance (With PWP!) ;)
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Dick and Roy enjoy a winter retreat at a Vermont inn.
Chapter Summary: After skiing, the boys enjoy a special bath. ;)
Date Of Completion: June 13, 2008
Date Of Posting: June 23, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1126
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for greeneyelove 's Dick/Roy Summer Fic Fest. Prompt: Winter Retreat. :)
I was going more for pure romance with this, but the boys insisted on hot sex, too! ;)
Both chapters can be found here. 





Dick laughed as he flew down the mountain, his skis barely touching the snow.  Roy was right beside him, enjoying the crisp wind against his face as snow flew up behind them in a spray of delicate white flakes.


Roy wasn’t interested in competition.  He was delighting in Dick’s joy.  There was never anyone who lived life more to the fullest than Dick Grayson.


Dick looked gorgeous in a green outfit with yellow piping, a red headband around his dark hair.  He looked more like a college student on winter break than leader of the Teen Titans or partner to the Batman.


Dick wiggled, his perfect sense of balance keeping him upright.  Roy concentrated on his own trajectory, pleased when he made a graceful turn at the bottom of the hill.


Dick smiled as he slowed down. “Good run, Speedy!” Blue eyes sparkled. “Want to do it again?”


Roy laughed. “You’re on, Short Pants!”


& & & & & &


They tramped into The Country Inn, laughing and teasing.  One of the innkeepers, a middle-aged woman with a cheerful smile, greeted them from the front desk.


“Looks like you had a great time, gentlemen.”


“We did!” Dick turned on the charm. “The weather is perfect.  And last night’s snowfall gave us just about the right amount of powder on the slopes.”


“Glad to hear it.  Would you care for some hot chocolate?”


“Thanks, but we’re going to head up to our room.  Though we will snag some of your wife’s chocolate chip cookies.”


Roy already had several in a napkin.


“Dinner’s at six,” Emma reminded them.


As Dick and Roy walked up the staircase, they munched on the cookies.


“As good as Alfred’s?” Roy asked.


“No, but close.”


The room was comfortable, yellow-sprigged wallpaper matching the bedspread.  Royal blue drapes framed the windows, and a four-poster bed with canopy dominated the room filled with maple furniture, a dresser against one wall and a rocking chair in the corner.  A colorful hooked rug was set on the hardwood floor in front of the bed.  Dick was looking forward to curling up on the windowseat when he had a chance.


He began unzipping his jacket. “Get the water warmed up, Speedy.”


Roy grinned and entered the bathroom.   


The Vermont inn’s rooms were charming and comfortable, but their best feature was the bathrooms.  A sunken tub was the centerpiece of the room, Roy starting the water.  Four different kinds of soap rested in a small tray: lemon, blueberry, strawberry and cranberry.  Another tray held jars of bath and body oils, shampoo, and conditioner.  Roy lifted the crystal stopper and poured out the lemon-scented oil.


He took out the yellow candles, set them around the tub, and lit each one.  All of the materials were locally-made, and he felt a certain satisfaction in supporting local businesses.  Ollie would approve, he thought with a smirk.


“Done,” Roy said as he re-entered the bedroom.


Dick was down to his T-shirt and briefs, smiling saucily at his partner.  Roy grinned and began stripping off his red suit.


Dick was the sexiest man that Roy had ever seen.  He was a walking carnal invitation, exuding sexuality with every move.  Some of it was subconscious.


Some of it was not.


Roy was just glad that Dick had a thing for redheads.


When both men were naked, they walked into the warm bathroom, slipping into the large tub.  Bubbles floated on the water, which shone golden from the candles.  Dick rested against the wall, eyes closed as Roy turned on the jets, the massage soothing Roy’s sore muscles.  Skiing was tougher than a night of patrol in Star City.


Roy closed his eyes, too, taking in the full effect of the water as he relaxed.


He was more accustomed to Arizona heat than Vermont cold, but Dick had no problem with wintry weather.


Anyone who runs around Gotham in the dead of winter in green shorts can’t be too bothered by the cold.


Dick did wear flesh-colored tights when it was cold, but apparently designing longer pants never occurred to him.


Or it does and the tart prefers showing off his legs!


Roy smiled, then smirked as he felt Dick’s foot touching his.  He continued to float, ignoring the teasing foot until it began slipping up his thigh.


“You just can’t stop being a tease, can you?”


Dick laughed.  His foot was still sliding upward.


Roy burst into action, grabbing Dick and kissing him.  The brunette eagerly responded, and their bodies came together, tongues entwining, hands grasping as desire fueled their ardor.


Roy cupped Dick’s head, enjoying the deep kiss as Dick wrapped his legs around Roy. 


“Mmm, you’re my snow bunny,” Roy said as he hugged Dick close.


“Snow bunny, huh?” Dick licked under Roy’s ear, smiling at the shiver from his redhead.


“Maybe a lemon tart.”


Dick snickered, leaning back.  Roy grabbed the jar of body oil, pouring the lemon liquid on Dick’s chest, the shining oil sliding down his sternum.


Roy put the jar back and massaged the oil into Dick’s skin, his lover arching into the touch.  Roy knew that Dick would love this.  Sensualist that he was, he couldn’t help himself.


Roy’s tongue traced the path of the edible oil, the lemon flavor strong, but Dick’s delicious flavor even stronger. His mouth fastened around a nipple, Dick moaning as Roy suckled him.  He transferred to the other nipple, Dick’s hand cupping his head now.


Dick unwrapped his legs, Roy slipping his hand down to curl around Dick’s cock.


He pumped, he sucked, he pumped, he sucked…


Dick thrust into his hand, orgasming as Roy pulled back and watched the beauty that was Dick Grayson in the throes of pleasure.


Dick went limp, a sated smile on his face.


“Aren’t you all pretty, my graceful swan.”


“Mmm, I like that.”


Roy laughed.  His cock nudged Dick’s leg, and his lover smiled.


Dick rose from the water, gently pushing Roy onto his back and pouring oil over the redhead’s cock, then pulled him toward the wall.  Dick leaned up against the wall, then spread his legs with a sly grin, which Roy answered with one of his own.


He slid into Dick, his need urging him on as his lover groaned, candlelight shimmering on his skin.  Once again entranced by Dick’s beauty, desire pushed him in deeper, his partner’s muscles clenching around his cock until Roy came, his body shuddering with joy.


It was his turn to go limp and Dick gathered him into his arms.


Once Roy was recovered, Dick poured strawberry-scented shampoo on his head while Roy grabbed the cranberry soap and soaped his lover’s chest.


Dick smiled as he shampooed Roy’s hair, a sly grin on his face…

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