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Fic: Jewels In The Crown I: Hera's Chalice (11/12)

Title: Jewels In The Crown I: Hera’s Chalice (11/12)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Steve/Diana, Medea, Joey Silver
Genres: Romance, Drama, A Touch Of Mystery
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: When Queen Hippolyta sends a precious Amazon artifact to America with an Amazon guard, both cause Diana and Steve no end of trouble.
Chapter Summary: Diana, Steve, and Medea visit Hera’s Haven in Boston.
Date Of Completion: April 8, 2008
Date Of Posting: June 22, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1007
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Dedicated to our hardy band of Steve/Diana fans! :)
Special thanks to jen_in_japan , whose enthusiasm for this project kept me going with a smile on my face. :)
All chapters can be found here. 





We offer peace

And a haven

For the weary

And battered

Of soul.


Hera’s Haven


2008 C.E.


Medea nodded stiffly, “Princess.”


“Good to see you here, my friend.”


Medea and Diana were standing outside Hera’s Haven on Pine Street.


“I said I would be here.  I keep my word.”


“As every Amazon should.”


“I am…disappointed…that Laura McKinney was among the thieves of our sacred Chalice.”


“I agree.  I do not like seeing a young woman of such promise fall by the wayside as she did.  But, she knew what she was doing, and now will pay the price.” Diana waited for Medea to present an apology for what she had done to Steve, but the other Amazon remained silent.  Stifling a sigh, Diana said, “Let us go in, then.”


Medea entered the brownstone first, greetings spilling out to meet her.




Diana turned and smiled.


Steve was running toward her, tucking the ends of his blue flannel shirt into his jeans.


“I’m sorry I’m late.  I got held up.”


“Of little consequence, Beloved.” Diana took his face in her hands and kissed him. “Come.”


& & & & & &


Inside the house, they fanned out.  Medea was already speaking to the Director and Diana entered a room with several weary-looking women sitting on metal chairs in a semi-circle.  Their eyes lit up when they saw her.


Steve walked carefully as he headed upstairs, still stiff in his back.  He went to a room at the end of the hall.




“Hey, Joey!” Steve hugged the eight-year-old.  He brushed dark-blond hair out of the child’s hazel eyes. “How you doin’?”


“Great!  Mrs. Collins said you and Wonder Woman were comin’ today.”


“What have you got to show me today, pardner?”


Joey grinned and reached under the mattress of his small bed. “This!”


Steve smiled at the childish drawing and said, “This is great, Joey!  My plane never looked better.”


The silver plane had a white star in the middle and the pilot had a shock of yellow hair.


“See, and this is Wonder Woman!”


Steve grinned at the star-spangled figure flying next to his plane.


“I woulda drawn her sittin’ down flyin’ her invisible plane, but she flies on her own, too, right?”


“Yes, she does.  And the invisible plane is definitely hard to draw.” Steve winked.


Joey giggled.  As Steve handed the picture back, Joey saw the bruise on his arm.


“Steve, are you okay?  Nobody’s beatin’ you up, are they?”


Steve nearly blushed.  He wasn’t about to tell this little boy that this bruise was because of sex with a super-strong Amazon.


“No, no one beat me, Joey.” He knew the Silver family history. “My job sometimes gets me in the middle of a fight.” Which was true, especially when you worked with Wonder Woman.  And the pain in his back reminded him that sometimes the fight could be unexpected.  


“Okay.” Relief shone in the boy’s eyes.


“So, how’re things going?”




“No more problems with any of the kids?”


“No, they stopped.”


“Good.  They must have realized that being mean just isn’t cool.  You’d never see Wonder Woman or Superman be mean.”


“That’s right.”


Steve knew that a word dropped to Director Collins had worked wonders.  She was a smart woman and able to handle things with a deft touch.


Steve was glad that this shelter had rooms giving the families some semblance of privacy instead of a barracks style.  The women who brought their families here needed dignity as well as help.


And Steve liked to show Joey that not all men were batterers.


“I’ve got to go downstairs, Joey.”


“I gotta go, too.  Here’s your picture, Steve.”


“Thank you.  Wonder Woman will be thrilled to see this, too.”


“Yes!” Joey’s eyes sparkled. “You go, Steve.  I gotta go to the bathroom but I’ll be right down.”




Steve went to the head of the stairs and started down, smiling at the picture.  He realized that someone was coming up.


He stopped when he saw Medea.






“Are you well, Major?”


Steve carefully ignored the pain in his back. “Fine, thank you.”


“Very well.”


Steve started past her, figuring it was the only apology he was going to get when an iron hand gripped his arm.  Startled, he turned back.


“I do not like you, Steven Trevor, and I will never trust you.  Be aware that when you hurt my Princess, and you shall as the male scum that you are, that I will track you down and cut out your heart and feed it to the falcons.  Do we understand each other?”


Steve’s eyes were blue chips of ice. “Perfectly.” He tried to twist out of her grasp.


Medea contemptuously shoved him away.


& & & & & &


“I’m sure the Amazons don’t have the problems we have here in Man’s World,” a tired-looking woman commented.


“No, but we are making strides with awareness, I am happy to say.  Though it is distressing to see how a person’s gender can be a point of prejudice in this world.”


Diana heard a noise on the stairs.  Fearful that one of the children was falling, she ran out of the living room and into the foyer.




Steve tried to regain his balance and Medea grabbed him around the waist, saving him from a nasty fall.


“Thank Hera, Medea!”


& & & & & &


Medea’s mouth was close to Steve’s ear. “Yes, thank Hera,” she whispered, fingers digging into his ribs.  In a louder voice she said, “You should be more careful, Major.”


“I should.” Steve felt the pain radiate up his spine.  Held in an iron grip, he waited patiently for Medea to loosen her hold.  She gave a final squeeze and released him. “Thank you, Medea.”


Diana was watching them closely.  She bent down and picked up the sheet of paper that had slipped out of Steve’s hand.


None of them saw the wide eyes of the little boy staring down from the overhead landing.



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