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Fic: Vulnerable (1/2)

Title: Vulnerable (1/2)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Clark/Bruce/Dick, Barbara Gordon, Jim Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth
Genres: Drama, Hurt/Comfort (With a Dash of Humor)
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: A World's Finest mission is not what it seems.
Chapter Summary: After Clark is injured by Kryptonite, Bruce and Dick take care of him.
Date Of Completion: June 8, 2008
Date Of Posting: June 21, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1068
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for my 2008 DCU Mood Ring Fic Request Meme for saavikam77  . Pairing: Clark/Bruce/Dick. Prompt: Frantic. :( 
Both chapters can be found here.





Robin cried, “Batman, help me!”


He tore away at the mountain of glowing green rocks, jagged shards tearing his gloves and hands but he didn’t care.  He grimaced as a shard scratched his thigh, but that was of little concern as he dug.


Batman’s cape fluttered in the breeze as he scrambled atop the rocks.  His movements were as frantic as Robin’s as he dug, too.


Not Clark, please, not Clark!


The unearthly green glow was lurid in the midday sunlight.  As always, Gotham looked even seedier by daylight, like a nightclub that hid its worn leather chairs and faded wallpaper by night showing its cracked age by day.


Superman had come to help the Dynamic Duo as the Penguin had stirred things up.


Instead, the Penguin’s silent partner had turned out to be using him as a front, allowing the quacking criminal to divert the World’s Finest with a series of bank robberies, luring Superman in as Batman and Robin had been stretched too thin.


Batgirl ran to Jim Gordon. “Commissioner, you’ve got to organize a brigade.  We’ve got to get this Kryptonite off Superman!”


Jim was already directing his men.  Eager citizens joined in, the pile starting to shrink.


Batgirl nimbly scrambled up to the top beside Batman and Robin. “We’ll find him, guys,” she murmured.


Robin was glad for the redhead’s calming presence beside him.  He could tell that Batman was nearly out of his mind, his face impassive, but Robin knew the signs.


Brainiac was a clever adversary, all right.  Raining Kryptonite boulders down from his spaceship had been ingenious, staggering Superman, the Metropolis Marvel falling from the sky and ending up buried under the green avalanche.


Robin feared they were too late.  This amount of rocks would ordinarily been shrugged off by Superman, but Kryptonite…


Jim Gordon had organized a massive effort, and it paid off.  Shouts of “We found him!” reached the Bat-family’s ears.  All three ran down the mountain to the base, Batman and Robin frantically helping pull Superman out of the rocks.


He was covered in glittering green dust, livid cuts and bruises marring usually-perfect skin.  His costume was shredded, and his skin had taken on a faint green pallor.


“Chief, the fire hose!” Batman barked.


The Fire Chief directed the men of Ladder Company No. 6 to bring over their fire hose, turning it on and washing the unconscious Superman down.


Robin held one of Superman’s hands while Batman grasped the other, ignoring the spray of water soaking their costumes.  Superman was still breathing but just barely.


“We have to get him to a hospital,” Batgirl said.


Suddenly, Superman groaned, moving as he squeezed his comrades’ hands.  Robin was glad that the Kryptonian still had control, or he could have crushed their hands to dust.


“It’s okay, Superman, you’re fine now,” Robin said, pushing the Superman curl out of his eyes.


“No hospital,” Batman said firmly. “Well take care of him now.”


Jim didn’t argue, allowing Batman to pick Superman up and carry him to the Batmobile.  Robin ran ahead and leaped gracefully into his seat, taking the Man of Steel onto his lap and cradling him as Batman got behind the wheel and drove off, Batgirl following on her Batcycle.


& & & & & &


“He needs to be re-charging in the sun,” Dick insisted. “Bruce, you know he’s going to want to go after Brainiac!”


Bruce scowled. “He can’t re-charge fast enough.” He looked at Barbara, who shook her head.


“Linda’s on a mission with the Legion of Super-Heroes.  She won’t be back for at least a week.”


“Please, Bruce.”


Bruce sighed. “Let’s get him stretched out.”


They helped a woozy Clark out to the lawn in the backyard, then stripped him down.


Dick began to strip, too.


“Whoa,” Bruce said. “What are you doing?”


“Clark’s disoriented and needs someone close.  Why shouldn’t I sunbathe, too?”


Bruce rolled his eyes.  Barbara laughed. “I’ll be down in the Batcave keeping up on Brainiac’s movements.  Enjoy your sunbathing, boys.”


“I’m not joining them,” Bruce grumbled.


“You’d be crazy not to.”


Barbara left with Alfred, Dick stretching out beside Clark and curling up around him.


Bruce looked at his two lovers and shook his head, removing cape and cowl and pulling his shirt over his head.  In mere seconds he was curling up on Clark’s other side, feeling the comforting warmth of his skin.  On the other side, Dick smiled.


& & & & & &


Dick slowly awoke, feeling relaxed.  He hadn’t meant to fall asleep, but the stress of the day must have worn him out.  He was even more surprised to see Bruce fast asleep.


Blue eyes met his own: a smile spread across Dick’s face. “How do you feel?”


“Very well.” Amusement sparkled in Clark’s eyes. “Are you quite comfortable?”


“Quite,” Dick said, channeling Alfred’s accent.


Clark looked up at the sky. “As pleasant as this is, I have to go after Brainiac.”


“I know.” Dick brushed back the Superman curl. “Clark, he’s got a ton of Kryptonite.”


“I know.  It all fell on me,” Clark said wryly.


Dick laughed. “Yeah.” His expression sobered. “I just don’t want to dig you out of a mountain of Green K again.” He stroked Clark’s shoulder.


Dick remembered the feeling of frantic urgency as he and Bruce had dug through the glowing rocks, hearts in their throats as they thought of the man they loved crushed and dying…


He shook his head and saw the understanding in Clark’s eyes. “Bruce is really tired.”


“Alfred and I always have to insist he get some rest.”


Love shone in Clark’s eyes as he looked at Bruce, Dick matching his expression.


It was all about balance, this ménage a trois of theirs.  When one was hurt, the other two took up the slack.  They were a triad, a shamrock, the World’s Finest.


Bruce awoke, his arms sliding tight around Clark. “You better now?”




The truth of what came next was in Bruce’s eyes. “You can’t stay a little longer?”




“We’re going with you.”


“All right.”


& & & & & &


They worked out a strategy, Superman on point but Batman and Robin invaluable edge players.  Batgirl was another smooth cog in the machine, all three Bats performing distractions so brilliantly that Superman was able to dispatch Brainiac after a titanic battle.


A weary World’s Finest headed back to the Manor.




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