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Craving (Not Pizza But Could Be 'Cuz Diana Loves It!) ;)

I’d like to encourage any Steve/Diana plot bunnies on the written word or visual arts out there! ;) I know that some of my flist have already posted wonderful fic and art and have a great handle on these two, but if you’re unsure of writing/drawing them, my essay, The Princess And The Pilot over on superhero_muses has links to:

a) Plot synopses (though caveat emptor on the Silver Age, as my essay details) ;)

b) Already posted fanfic and fanart

c) Scans from Wonder Woman #300 that show a reunion, then wedding and honeymoon on Olympus.

Heck, just use fanon! ;)

Anyway, I’m asking for any Steve/Diana fanfic or fanart as it would be nice as the weekend’s coming up and next week’s gonna be a bitch. *bats eyes prettily*

LOL! Thanks for reading, anyway!
Tags: fanart, fanfic, flist, steve trevor/diana prince, steve trevor/wonder woman, writing
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