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Fic: Jewels In The Crown I: Hera's Chalice (10/12)

Title: Jewels In The Crown I: Hera’s Chalice (10/12)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Steve/Diana, Laura McKinney, Queen Hippolyta, Jamie O’Reilly, Don Hegler, Marvin Roth
Genres: Romance, Drama, A Touch Of Mystery
Rating (this chapter): Mild ‘R’
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: When Queen Hippolyta sends a precious Amazon artifact to America with an Amazon guard, both cause Diana and Steve no end of trouble.
Chapter Summary: Will the Chalice thieves make a clean getaway?
Date Of Completion: April 6, 2008
Date Of Posting: June 17, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1103
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Dedicated to our hardy band of Steve/Diana fans! :)
Special thanks to jen_in_japan , whose enthusiasm for this project kept me going with a smile on my face. :)
All chapters can be found here. 





“There is no honor among thieves.”





“I’m sorry we haven’t found the thieves, Angel.”


Diana was sitting on Steve’s desk, swinging one shapely leg back-and-froth. “It’s all right, Steve.  We may never find out.  After all, the biggest heist in history was just a few blocks away at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum several years ago, and that’s never been solved.  At least we got the Chalice back.”


Steve put a hand on Diana’s leg. “That’s certainly important.” He ran his fingers up her inner thigh. “Your mother must be pleased.”


“Very.” Diana arched her head back, dark hair cascading down.


“Jamie is very happy to get the Chalice back.  He felt so badly.” His hand touched star-spangled silk.


Diana shivered. “He’s a good man, my darling.”


“Mmm.” He bent down, and when Diana tilted her head down, she saw a blond head between her legs as her shorts were pulled down, her hand reaching to entwine in silky locks…


& & & & & &


Diana nearly strutted, her boot heels clicking on the polished museum floor.  She glowed as she wore a highly-satisfied expression.


“Wonder Woman!  So glad the Chalice is back!” Laura’s keyring jangled as she walked to the exhibit room.


“Thank Hera.”


Laura laughed. “Appropriate.”


They entered the exhibit room together, the Chalice sparkling in the light streaming in through the stained-glass windows.


“All is as it should be,” Diana said.


& & & & & &


Steve read the police reports with a smile on his face.  He picked up a sheet of paper, glad that Jim Gordon had allowed the information out of the Gotham P.D.  He tried to concentrate, but fresh memories were intruding.


Re-reading the current page, he frowned, then started shuffling through the papers.


& & & & & &


“Why did you send Medea, Mother?”


Her mother’s visage was serene, as always.  The scrying mirror was a wonderful communication device, but it also left Diana frustrated.  Her mother could break the connection at any time.


The Queen’s crown glittered in the sunlight.  She was sitting in the Palace gardens, the flowers blood-red and sun-yellow around her.  Always beautiful, and that unshakeable serenity…


“She is an excellent Warrior.  Who better to help guard the Chalice?”


“She also loathes Man’s World in every way.”


Shrewdness entered Hippolyta’s eyes. “Or perhaps one man in particular?”


Diana crossed her arms. “She’s made it quite clear that she dislikes Steve.  Then again, she’s only following the cue from her Queen.”


“Nonsense, Diana.  I hold no animosity toward your Major Trevor.”


Diana itched to grab her Lasso. “Still, Medea might prove to be more hindrance than help.”


Hippolyta picked up a bowl of pomegranates. “Once the Chalice has been settled in and the security upgraded, I will recall Medea.”


“Mother, I…”


“I have every confidence that you will handle Medea, Daughter.”


“Thank you, Mother.”


The Queen waved her hand and the connection vanished.


Diana sighed.


& & & & & &


“Have you chosen a college yet?” Diana asked as she walked into the Amazon gallery.


Laura looked up from the glass display case. “Yes.  The School of Art right here at the Museum.”


“Excellent.  I’m sure you’ll do well.  You’ve learned so much already.”


“Oh, yes!” Laura gestured at the case. “There are many collectors out there who like to specialize in certain eras or styles.”


“Like Marcus Haversham?”


“He’s one of the elite.  Greek art is his specialty, which is why he just had to have the Chalice, I suppose.”


“Mmm, yes.” Diana touched the glass, which contained beautifully-wrought jewelry. “At least he had the proper respect for it.  He appreciated its beauty.”


Laura smiled. “I suppose that’s one way of looking at it.”


Diana smiled as she said, “Those who are entrusted with precious objects should always pay them the proper respect.”


& & & & & &


Steve greeted the men at the window table, sliding into a vacant seat carefully. “Thank you for meeting me here at Pier 59, gentlemen.”


Jamie, Don and Marv looked at him curiously. “What’s up, Steve?” Jamie asked.


“Well, we’ve got Hera’s Chalice back, so I thought we should celebrate.”


“But the thieves haven’t been caught.”


“Yes, but not having an angry Amazon on our tails should be cause for celebration.”


The men grinned and Jamie said, “You’re not kidding!  I thought Medea was going to tear my head off the other day.”


“Yes, I know,” Steve said ruefully.  If he ever forgot, his throbbing back reminded him.


Marv snorted. “Little wonder.  An island full of women wouldn’t appreciate the opposite gender.  Except for your woman, Major.”


“I wouldn’t exactly call her ‘my woman’, Mr. Roth.”


Marv smirked. “She seems to only have eyes for you.”


“Ah, well, I’m very fortunate.” Steve sipped his water. “And we were all fortunate that Batman, Robin, and Catwoman found the Chalice.”


“Marcus Haversham’s an interesting man,” Jamie said. “He really values Greek art.  He’s fanatical about it.”


“Mmm, like you, Don?” Steve smiled.


“I think you’re right,” Don laughed.


“So did you know Haversham?”


“I’d met him a few times.  Marv introduced us.”


“And did you ever sell any of your work to him?”


“A few pieces.” Don cocked his head. “What’s this all about?”


Steve smiled.


& & & & & &


“So you saved up your money?” Diana asked as she caressed the glittering Chalice.


“Yes, and it’s not easy on a security guard’s salary.”


“I imagine so.” Diana smiled as she turned. “Is that why you stole the Chalice?”


& & & & & &


“You were caught on tape, Marv.” Steve tried not to shift in his chair.  Damn his back! “Talking to Laura McKinney.  Your phone records were checked.  You made several calls to her cellphone.  She was seen at your apartment building the night before the robbery.  It’s all there in the police reports.”


Marv laughed. “So what?  She’s a pretty girl.  We dated for awhile.”


“Yes, and I did some checking: she suddenly got a big influx in her bank account.”


& & & & & &


“Wha…?  Wonder Woman, what are you talking about?”


Wonder Woman unfurled her Golden Lasso and slipped it around the guard. “Tell the truth, Laura.”


& & & & & &


“You’re crazy, Trevor!”


“Maybe, but the police have a warrant to search your house and should be there now…”


Marv bolted and Steve ran after him, tackling him before his quarry reached the door.


“Damn, Marv,” said Don as he helped Steve hold the struggling man. “Looks like I gotta find a new agent.”












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