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No. 17 Tonight? (And Other Random Thinky Thoughts)

One never knows in sports what will happen, so I'm not 100% certain that the Celtics will wrap up No. 17 tonight, but they could! Certainly they have a lot of confidence after that historic comeback on Thursday. :)

I'm going to be signing off earlier than usual tonight to concentrate on the game and have some dinner, but until then, plot bunnies are nibbling! Ideas are whirling! ;)

Still more fic to come, as I have a lot written and just need to revise and type it all!

Random thoughts: I'll be thinking about my Halloween Challenge this summer. If that was the only Challenge I did all year, that would be the one, because I love Halloween! :) I want to get people all excited about it when I post it in a few months, so I must have thinky thoughts 'til then! ;)

My birthday (in September) is on a Saturday this year! Excellent! Birthdays are always so much more fun on weekends, aren't they? :)

My beloved New England Patriots will be starting training camp in July. I'll probably have to cut back on the trips (gas prices are just ridiculous!) but I intend to go at least once and see my boys in action. Yep, they blew the perfect season big-time last year, but they're still my boys. Fans here will gripe and groan but we'll stick with our teams and circle the wagons. *luvs Tom Brady* ;)

I'll also be thinking of something to do to commemorate the first anniversary of wonderwomanlove, which coincidentally, is the same day as my birthday (September 27th). :) We have a very eclectic collection of entries over there. Check out the latest entry for the June Challenge. Simply lovely!

*thinks happy thinky thoughts*
Tags: 2008 wonder woman love fic/art calendar, boston celtics, challenge, fanfic, halloween, new england patriots, tom brady, writing
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