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Game 4: Boston Celtics 97, Los Angeles Lakers, 91 (Thursday, June 12, 2008)

Game 4: Boston Celtics 97, Los Angeles Lakers, 91 (Thursday, June 12, 2008)

Quite the game last night! At first it looked like one of those nights for the Celtics: every shot they took in the first quarter clanked off the rim, and the Lakers were hitting everything in sight. Eventually the lead for L.A. built up to 24 points! And they would also have a lead of 21 points in the third quarter with about five minutes left.

Was there temptation to shut off the game in disgust? Yeah, but I don’t quit on my teams, even when they stink! :) If I could listen to the games on the radio last year when the team (very different with a lot of kids instead of the veterans they have now) only won 24 games, I can tough it out in the Finals.

And, while no team had ever come back from such a deficit in NBA Finals history, well, it was a possibility, as the Lakers had come back from a 20-point deficit in Game 2, but they ran out of gas. I figured if the Celtics could make a run at that deficit, they’d probably run out of gas, too, since you expend so much energy trying to dig yourself out of a hole.

Chip, chip, chip.

Suddenly, it was a lead for the Lakers that was in the single digits! The Celtics were coming back, and finally were within two points. The Lakers went up by four, but then the Celtics came roaring back and were ahead! And they stayed ahead, even though their largest lead was five points until the very end, when they won by six.

Amazing! The greatest comeback in the history of the NBA Finals!

I was cheering as the Witching Hour approached! Whoo hoo! The Celtics are 48 minutes away from No. 17!

Paul Pierce came alive after a horrendous Game 3, and his defense of Kobe Bryant was stellar. Ray Allen played all 48 minutes of the game and had a sweet lay-up in the final minutes to cement the win. Where the heck were the Lakers when he was driving to the basket? Kevin Garnett was awesome in the low post. We had injuries, with Rajon Rondo still not 100%, and Kendrick Perkins injuring his shoulder. Paul hurt his ankle but he stayed in. He was stabbed 11 times back in 2002 at a nightclub and came back two weeks later to play, so I doubt a painful knee and ankle will keep him out of this.

Will the series return to Boston? Possibly, but I’m feeling good that the Celtics can wrap this thing up on Sunday in L.A. *bounces* :)
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