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Well, it was quite a night last night. The Celtics lost ;) but more importantly, I still have a house! *cue Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West music* We had a microburst tornado cleave through town, and it split some branches of the old maple tree down in back. Both are half-blocking the road, so we're on the list for emergency clean-up. Another tree branch landed on wires. No fences, houses, or cars (or people!) were damaged, so all is good. Ironically, the other maple tree that had been damaged in the Hurricane of '85 is in great shape, steel rod and all!

Kinda scary, as June 10th is a just a day after the 55th anniversary of the June 9, 1953 tornado that tore through Massachusetts and was ranked as one of the worst ever. My dad was serving in the Korean War at the time and was frantic for news from home, with life playing the irony card as his parents and girlfriend (my mom) had been in more danger than he was (temporarily, as Dad served on the front lines of that nasty little war) in Korea!

My mom remembered the weird greenish sky on an extremely hot day (our weather yesterday was horrendous as to heat) and the air raid sirens going off as the tornado approached. My dad had some memories of the Hurricane of '38 (she was far too young to remember), with a neighbor's roof ending up across the street, and this tornado really ripped through the county. Ninety-four people died that day, and the National Guard had to come in to help. Her father's car had been crushed in '38 (luckily without him in it!) but the family car survived this occurrence.

Two years later (1955) the area would be hit with a devastating flood. Interesting times!

So all in all, glad to not be in Oz right now! ;)
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