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Fic: The Better Angels (7/7)

Title: The Better Angels (7/7)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Clark/Bruce (Kal-El/The Angel Of Death), The Flying Graysons (John/Mary, Dick)
Genres: AU, Drama
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: Not sure if warnings are necessary, but it’s quasi-religious imagery.
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Two Angels are sent on a Quest to find Pure Souls.
Chapter Summary: The Quest for Pure Souls ends in a circus tent.
Date Of Completion: May 1, 2008
Date Of Posting: June 10, 2008
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 495
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: asm613 requested "Clark and Bruce as angels on a mission to find pure souls" from my DCU GSB Fic Request Meme.
Unfortunately, my Muses simply refused to cooperate, and I was on the verge of giving up, when I got this idea. It’s not quite what the requester wanted, but close! So I hope you like it, asm613 ! :)
All chapters can be found here. 





There can be no Light,

Without Joy.

There can be Death

With Compassion.


Alyssa Amethyst


2008 C.E.


The circus grounds were alive with the smells of sizzling sausages and fresh peanuts, children scampering around with cotton candy and hawkers trying to lure customers to try their luck on the midway.  The bellows of tigers and elephants mixed with the chattering of monkeys. Gaudily-striped tents of red-and-yellow billowed in the breeze, and inside the tents were lights, music, applause, derring-do, color…


The trapeze swung high over the ring, yellow-red-and-green sparkling and the smell of sawdust strong.  Light and Joy filled the tent.


Death hovered over Haly’s Circus.


Kal watched as the circus acts played out.  While his Light shone from the happy faces of performers and crowd, his companion’s shadow was there when a tiger swatted with a clawed paw or a trick rider came close to missing her footing after a somersault.  The Quest was drawing to a close.


It was when the trapeze artists started their act that Kal-El’s wings tightened in anticipation.  The family flew with grace and Joy, and their souls were Pure, the child’s Light so bright that Kal was nearly blinded.


The ropes broke, Kal catching the parents as Death touched them, and then the Dark Angel caught the child.  Black wings enfolded the boy as Kal’s companion knelt on the sawdust-strewn floor.


Kal swiftly flew down to the ring, ready to touch the child and bring him home when he froze.


Death was in agony. 


“I am sorry,” he whispered, the child’s big, blue eyes filled with Compassion, the small hand on the Angel’s arm. “I had to take them.”


“I know,” the child whispered back.


“I…Death took my parents, too.” The rasping voice was filled with pain. “That night, Death took hold of me, though I was unaware, but year-by-year, I grew deader inside, until I took the mantle.” His voice rang hollow. “Dead inside.”


The child’s shimmering eyes swam with Compassion.  He reached out and pushed the black hood back. 


Kal gasped.


He had half-expected a scarred visage, but this beauty!  Suffering but fair of face, with dark hair and eyes of endless blue.


Kal’s wings shielded them all.


“I…” Death’s glove touched the child’s face.  He looked up at Kal, shuddering with grief and desperation.


“It is all right, Beloved.” Kal reached out and touched his companion’s face. “There is always Hope.”


His Beloved’s eyes glimmered with tears, and he moaned.


White wings enfolded all three as the Light consumed all.


& & & & & &


From that day at the circus, it was said that Death was less cold and implacable in a world that knew more Love and Compassion.


It was said that the Angel of Death flew with Hope and Love, and if brightly-colored Joy and Compassion flew with them, what of it?


The world could always use more Pure Hope and Joy, and Death tempered with Compassion.



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