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Ficcish Update!

Well, it’s time for another ficcish update, as I’ve got so many things going on around here that organizing everything will benefit me and my readers as well. :)

First off, I had intended to resume posting the chapters of my three longfics when I returned from Media West, but I had the bright idea of doing a fic request, so I got backlogged. LOL! But now I’ve closed the poll asking you to choose which one of the three to post first, and am typing up the winner, Rainbow’s Freedom (RobinSong Arc) as I speak.

And, as a service to my busy readers, a quick look back at the latest chapters of the longfics to refresh your memory when I begin posting them again:

Rainbow’s Freedom (RobinSong Arc) (13 of 41 chapters posted):

Chapter 12: Dick learned his new duties as Squire to Lord Bruce Wayne.

Chapter 13: Steve and Hal were on a mission on the Outer Rim, and answered an S.O.S. After the rescue, they are proceeding to an Empire outpost for refueling and repairs. Oh, and a Hunt is taking place on the outpost right now!

Jewels In The Crown I: Hera’s Chalice (8 of 12 chapters posted):

Chapter 8: An explosive confrontation took place between Steve and Medea.

The Better Angels (5 of 7 chapters posted):

Chapter 5: The Angels confronted Lex, and now continue their Quest for Pure Souls.

I also owe jen_in_japan and saavikam77 LJ Anniversary fic, but I started Saavi’s and have an idea for Jen’s, so hopefully it won’t be too long before you get your fic, ladies! :)

I also posted the first chapter of a six-part story for starsandsea’s birthday, so will be mixing in Heart’s Desire as I go along.

Maybe it’s a good thing that jen_in_japan’s birthday fic (Precious Jewels) was only one chapter! LOL!

The 2008 DCU Mood Ring Fic Request Meme ended up with 12 requests (please note that the requests are now closed) and I have written 7 requests, posted 4, and have started the 8th.

Also, to my chagrin I noticed that I had inadvertently left Clark/Dick off as a possible pairing. If I re-open this meme in the future or do a Mood Ring II, I’ll be sure to include them! *baps self*

I’ll be compiling a Master List when all the requests are filled, but until then all the links are posted on the Main Page.

I am very pleased with the variety of pairings requested, and it’s really kept my creativity going. I have bunnies for all the remaining fic I have to write, or at least glimmers of ideas. I want to try and finish all the requests before June is over. So far, so good! :)

I have a workshop essay due for superhero_muses, and finally started writing it last night! Now I just need to write the conclusion and fill in some gaps. Whew! June 16th will be here before I know it! :)

I’m behind on the flist right now, so if I haven’t commented on your work, don’t despair! I’ll get to it! :)

So it appears that there will be a lot of fic being posted this month of June by yours truly. Enjoy!

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