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Ficcish Ramblings! :)

Time for a ficcish update!

I’m at a white-hot pace right now, and I expect that I’ll be spamming your flist with a lot of stories in the next few weeks! The 2008 DCU Mood Ring Fic Request Meme has got my Muses churnin’ out the fic! ;) I have 11 requests, have written 6, and posted 2 so far.

The poll for the next chapter of my long fics is still open because I haven’t had a chance to start typing the winner! ;) That will come, too.

And I learned to my dismay that I had more deadline fic, but I got plot bunnies for the remainder yesterday and today. So all is good! :)

I set aside writing Rainbow’s Freedom because after writing this epic nearly every day since January of 2007, I know that I need to take time off from it every once in awhile so that I can come back with a fresh perspective and enthusiasm. So I decided to run with all my other bunnies first, and I should be back writing the fourth arc in a few weeks for several months to come! :)

And, oh, yeah, I have an essay due for Jen in two weeks! Luckily most of it’s written in my head already! ;)

I’m enjoying this spike in creativity, as I know the lows are coming. All writers have these cycles, so as long as I have fun, I know that I’ll be good to go.

So either you'll roll your eyes as you see yet another BradyGirl fic show up on your flist, or you'll be happy. Either way, they're coming! ;)
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