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Media West Con 28 (Days 3 & 4)

Links: Media West Con 28 and mwcontripdiary.

Day Three: (Saturday, May 24, 2008)

A full day to start! I did some sun-worshipping out in the courtyard after my daily walk and breakfast, and Sarah came by and we chatted for awhile. She was having a really good time. It was a gorgeous day and other people were taking advantage of the good weather, too.

My first panel was another Starsky & Hutch, though this was a slash one. Lots of fun and laughter as we discussed the boys and who would be the more romantic.

The Avengers Slash panel went well. I thought that crimsonquills did a good job. We had eight people attend this panel, and Crimson had done a good job preparing for the discussion. While Steve/Tony was the most frequent of the pairings mentioned, we did get into others from the early days of the Avengers all the way through to the New Avengers. Deb attended this panel, too, and we had a lot of fun. We all laughed at being a minority in the con, as more people were interested in TV shows and movies than comics. Silly people! ;)

I made a run into the Art Show, glad to see the usual hot slash illustrations and happy to see some cartoons done from comics. There was a really nice ‘dark’ illustration of Batman entitled ‘The Dark Knight’. I also loved the glassware with the painted flowers. I met a lady in the Dealers’ Room who told me that her mother did the work. Very talented!

There were granite panels with etchings of animals (Khylara loved the polar bear best), Leah Rosenthal’s usually cracktastic cartoons, exquisite jewelry (Khylara had 27 pieces showing, five of which went to auction), hand-knitted bags and scarves, and other artworks including pillows with fannish themes, little gift boxes, and all sorts of lovely things, including an outstanding oil painting of James Kirk.

I remember when Clex was hot a wonderful illustration of Clark and Lex on a picnic, Lex trying to read a book while Clark mischievously floats in front of him. I still remember it years later. There’s always something memorable in the Art Show!

I enjoyed the LJ panel, too. Love it or hate it, it is changing fandom to some degree. Are fannish Yahoo Groups still active? I know many of mine are either moribund or light traffic. A few are active. What say you?

One of the audience was unsure of LJ, but it’s all a matter of checking it out. If you don’t like it, no harm, no foul. I was on-line for awhile before I checked LJ out, mostly in a search for Superman/Batman slash and found Jen’s cool fic! :)

The gen comics panel was good, as I learned a lot of things and it was interesting to hear people’s reactions to different characters. A lot of people intensely dislike Tony Stark, but I have to admit to having a soft spot for him as Steve Rogers loves him so dearly, and there’s a lot of woobie in Tony. Others liked Wonder Woman and were discussing some indie comics. I sat with Deb (she and I attended all three comics panels) and we had fun commenting sotto voce at times. :) Nothing nasty, just a sense of humor, which she and I both share.

The Harry Potter panel was good, but I was kind of paneled out by then.

Afterwards I joined Jill and George for dinner and had a very good time, though poor Jill ended up with a steak so tough she didn’t know whether to wear it or eat it. She had to send it back. She had a baked potato with the steak and wanted another one and got chips instead. LOL!

I was luckier: I had good chicken tenders, and on Friday night had enjoyed pineapple and grilled chicken. If you like both flavors, try them together! Very tasty! :)

They asked me questions about LJ and I was frank about the wank (heh heh) but said that a lot of fandom had migrated over here, and that they would have to check out which fandoms interested them on-line. I suggested sampling it, at least, before making any decision about creating a journal. Jill hasn’t been writing much lately and hopes that a new fandom or community will jumpstart her like DC on-line fandom did for me.

We all saw a repeat of the slash vids (new to them), and earlier in the day I had seen a cool Lois & Clark vid set to a song about Superman (‘One billion children wish you well, Superman’). Usually slash vids premiere on Friday night around midnight, but this year were earlier due to less vids. Repeats generally take place on Saturday and Sunday nights at nine o’clock.

Most of the door decorations were up by now (if they weren’t up by Saturday night, why bother?) and some used the Western theme of this year’s con very well. I enjoyed seeing old faves from the heyday of Westerns. Other doors included fannish Scrabble (‘Frabble’) where you could take Velcro tiles and spell out fannish words, a door celebrating second bananas, one featuring Napoleon and Illya dolls and quotes from the show and what they were really saying (slashy, of course, heh heh), a door with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, a door covered with pix framed in lacy paper hearts for all-time favorites, and many, many more. The winners of the Door Decoration contest are usually posted on the website soon after the con. Right now you can see past cons’ winners.

Day Four: (Sunday, May 25, 2008)

Another beautiful day! I love the sound of splashing water from the fountains as I sit outside. Usually I have a new zine to read, but for the first time, I hadn’t bought a zine by Sunday. I wrote instead or just sun-worshipped.

The first panel I went to was on Medium. It was a really good panel with lots of enthusiasm for the show. It’s really a special, quirky show with original scripts and interesting twists!

The next panel was the Femslash discussion, and I got to pimp wonderwomanlove, my own comm, and girlslash for people looking for femslash. It was a lively discussion, and the people there were unaware of both comms. I love pimpin’ the fandom! ;)

I had a great time at the ‘50s monster movie panel, too. We discussed all kinds of movies, and one of my all-time faves, Them, came up. Now, when you say the word ‘giant ants’, you’re bound to get rolled eyes, heh heh, but this movie had chilling music, great setting, very good acting, and suspense! And it was cool that the female scientist actually got to go into danger with the men. James Arness, James Whitmore and Edmund Gwenn starred in one of the very first (possibly the first?) giant monster movies that used atomic radiation as the catalyst.

I ran in to chat with Jan, a friend who is a room dealer and in charge of the Fan-Qs.

Afterwards I went to the Heroes panel, which was very good as we discussed how the show went wrong in Season 2 and what we hope to see in Season 3.

My last panel of the day and the con was the mwcontripdiary panel. It was a lot of fun to meet people face-to-face and we came up with suggestions for improvement to the comm. It was a great wrap-up to the con!

After the panel I talked with Gairid, which was great fun. We both had to run off to meet other people, and eventually the Art Auction started.

Generally I don’t stay through the entire thing, so I watched the first hour and left to watch the slash vids again. I did some wandering, returned to the auction, and then left again. I heard about the Kiss. :)

My final post will be a wrap-up of the con, and thoughts on the con, past and future!
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