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2008 DCU 'Mood Ring' Fic Request Meme (Now Closed)

EDIT: Well, I've got a nice little sampling of prompts that reached the quota (and spilled over a little), so the requests are now closed (Enderwiggin's is the last in the queue) and let's see what I can do with them! :) Rai, if you'd like a prompt, just add to your comments. :)

Urgh, I forgot to add Clark/Dick as a pairing choice! *baps self* Well, if I do this kind of thing again, I'll be sure to include them! :)

I know, I'm crazy! I also owe jen_in_japan and saavikam77 special request fic, but those are turning out fairly long, so if you ladies don't mind, I'd rather take a little more time to work on them. ;) But coming back from the con has energized me, and I want to test myself with 'speed writing', if that's possible! LOL!

Remember the mood rings of the '70s? They changed color to reflect a person's mood. I'm interested in writing short 'mood pieces' so there will probably no plot, just evocation of mood. I'll take the first eight requests. Hey, I'll be happy to get two or three! Just thought eight was a good number to shoot for. :) And I'll be working on these in between my deadline fic.

The complete Master List is here.

A. Please choose one from the following pairings. They are all pairs and DC except for the Clark/Bruce/Dick menage a trois and Steve/Tony from Marvel. You can repeat a pairing in your request to me as there are no 'claims' in this part. If I end up with eight of the same pair, I'm cool with that! :) I listed the following to give you variety. When I do my LJ Anniversary Request in November, I'll be including other DCU characters not listed here, non-DCU characters, and probably try some new ones, but I'll keep this one short and sweet. :)

1. Clark/Lex (Smallville)

2. Clark/Bruce

3. Clark/Bruce/Dick

4. Bruce/Dick

5. Dick/Roy

6. Steve/Diana

7. Diana/Dinah

8. Selina/Dinah

9. Linda/Barbara (Original Supergirl/Batgirl)

10. Steve/Tony (Captain America/Iron Man)

B. Please choose one prompt from the following table. This is the 'claim' part. I listed 18 to give the first 8 requesters a variety. If all goes well, I may re-open the table in the future, but we'll see how this one goes first. :) Once you've chosen a prompt, it's off the table.

01.agonized 02.angry 03.ecstatic 04.effervescent 05.energetic
06.excited 07.exhausted 08.frantic 09.grieving 10.happy
11.impatient 12.peaceful 13.pensive 14.playful 15.resigned
16.reverent 17.sad 18.saucy
Tags: 2008 dcu mood ring fic request, dcu fic request, meme
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