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Hmm, feeling a little restless tonight. I'm working hard on my deadline fic and am thinking up new Challenges. ;) I also have a fic request idea I've decided I may post later. I'm crazy, I know, with my deadline fic but that's coming along so nicely that I might take the plunge. ;)

Also, the 'Next Fic' poll is coming along with a lot of votes! I'm very pleased to see the quantity of responses! That makes a girl feel good! :)

Is it difficult to create a table? I may just go with a list for my posting. Also, how does one create a line through a word as if crossing it off? What's the code for that?

*sighs* I had a very sad plot bunny for Steve/Diana today. Not sure if I'll write it. Usually these two speak to me in a romantic tongue, but I've put them through the wringer before.

If I listed all my various plot bunnies I'd need two posts! ;)

Speaking of the Princess and the Pilot, I encourage those who have written/drawn/manipped/iconned them to keep them in mind! ;) Also, newbies, too! LOL! I love the quality of the fic, art, and icons that I've seen and am happy that the spirit of this couple has been captured by such talented people! :)

I am feeling energized after the con and am finally starting to catch up on my flist. I did pimp the fandom and LJ at the con so maybe some newbies will pop up. ;)

Eep, enough yakking! Must get back to typing! ;)
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